ETA Chat and Roleplay FAQ

About ETA

Welcome to the ETA vore and roleplay chat room. Chances are you're a bit curious as to how all of this works and what rules there are to follow.  If you are new to this place and new to roleplay,  Check out this custom made Vore Roleplay Advice and Guidelines, highly recommended for everyone, new or experienced! Make sure you do read through the rule and the chatrooms descriptions, cause we will test you later! And if you haven't done so, do check out the Site FAQ first!

This FAQ is specifically for the chat room. Click here for other FAQs, all the site-wide rules in the Site FAQ applies.

Keep in mind that all of the chat room, as well as the main site of, is for users of 18+ years of age only. If you are underage or offended by material of adult nature, you must close out all windows and exit immediately.


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Table of Contents:

  1. Chat-wide Rules
  2. Ban Policy
  3. About the Rooms
  4. Our team
  5. Chat Features
  6. Chat FAQ
  7. Other interesting things
  8. Known issues

Chat-wide Rules:(subject to modification at any time, last updated Feb 20, 2023)

1.  Note that the site-wide rules all apply, they are defined in the terms-of-service FAQ page. Profile limitation is further down this page here.

1.1 You must be a legal adult in your location AND be 18 years of age or over.  
1.1.1 If through any source you learn any user is in violation of rule 1.1, you must promptly report them to staff.  
1.2 This site is for fictional entertainment only. No re-enactment of any type in real life

2.  No harassment - details

  • Be polite to other users.
  • Do not bring the private conversation into public without permission, or reveal alternate characters.
  • If someone is harassing you, please be honest and straightforward. Ask harasser to stop talking to you. Don't get frustrated at someone not "getting the hint." 
  • If someone asks you to stop contacting them, you must stop contacting them immediately. "Ignore" is meant for filtering posts, not a tool you should force someone to use.
  • No one is under any obligation to roleplay with anyone else in any room; they can request someone to stop any roleplay or interrupt any existing roleplay with them.

3.  Do not broadcast fights publicly.  "Don't bring drama into public view."

4.  Obey moderator instructions.  If you disagree, comply first, then discuss afterward.

5. Use the room you're in according to the guidelines provided. Incorrect usage of a room or room disruption may be regarded as spamming, and you could be censured for this infraction.

6. Read the Etiquette Page.  Follow its guidelines.

  • The public chat language is English

7. Profiles must also be respectful and not be disruptive to those who open them.  For example:

  • No auto-playing music or videos
  • No redirecting users to unrelated websites
  • No RL photographs or explicit underage profile images. If it wouldn't be allowed on the gallery, it shouldn't be your profile image.
  • No annoying pop-ups or flashing lights.

8. When in doubt, you can contact the administration by e-mail [email protected].


Ban Policy:

  • Bans are all case by case. Mistakes will be given warnings. Ignorance of the rule or intentionally being malicious might earn a ban with no prior warning.
  • To appeal, e-mail [email protected] providing your username and character name, a reason for the ban and why it should be appealed.

About the Rooms:

We highly encourage people to roleplay in the Roleplay room. You can start roleplay in the vore room, but please do consider moving them into the Roleplay room whenever we ask you. We know people enjoy the freedoms of the vore room, but you may be asked to move discussion or roleplay to one of the other rooms!

We prefer to keep the roleplaying public, but alternatively, you may use the Motel for Private Roleplaying, or you can roleplay in whispers.

Are you looking for a moderator? All Moderator names are in Italics on the user list to the right of the screen.

Specific Rules and Settings for the Rooms:

    • Room 1: Roleplay room This room is our primary roleplay room.
      • Setting:  Nexus park between an unnamed town and a deep forest with a swamp nearby. Who owns the park is currently unknown. Roleplay can take place in any part of the park, town, forest, swamp, and the lake. Characters are encouraged to use alternate locations as well.
      • Style: In-chat-world only, No 4th wall breaking, no out-of-chat-world topic.  Lurking allowed. Please keep OOC (Out-of-chat-world) comments in parenthesis and make as few as possible.
      • Interruption: Allowed, but please whisper them first if unsure unless a character is marked as "Open," and please respect rejection.
      • Simultaneous RP allowed in the same room.
      • This room is for vore and vore related scenes.  Combat RP not permitted except as part of vore scene.
      • Allowed roleplay: No restriction.
      • No public dice.
    • Room 2: Vore room. An almost non-restricted place, in-chat-world, out-of-chat-world, or mixed, at ANY post length, are ALL GO! Only one limitation: Interaction is 2-hour max, you will be asked to move if your roleplay excess 2 hours.

      • Setting: This is a place where worlds meet in the infinite abyss across all worlds.  Stars shine and sparkle, volcanoes erupt, a cool river flows past your feet as you stand on a marble colonnade leading towards a rocket launching pad.  Nothing ever seems quite still in the corner of your eyes, but when you focus your gaze the settings seem to coalesce.  This is a place where your imagination runs free.
      • Style: Out of Character comments allowed as well as full IC.  No LFRP posts.
      • Roleplay Interruption: Anything goes. If you do not wish to be interrupted, please use the IC room.
      • Allowed roleplay: No restriction. We reserve the right to move any roleplay to the Roleplay rooms.  Which will happen after 2 hours.
    • Room 3: Out-of-chat-world only room for discussion. No roleplay at all.
      • Setting: There is no setting, Out-of-chat-world only.
      • Style: Out-of-chat world ( Out of character)
      • Allowed roleplay: No roleplay.
    • Room 4:Library Room Basically, a whisper only room, in here player will only see whisper.
      • Setting: Determined by players, but the default is a very large library with literary treasures ranging from ancient, moth-eaten tomes to manga and holodisks.  The librarian on duty places a finger to her lips as you enter the room, which has the solemnity of a graveyard.  You choose a quiet corner to hide in or find a friend waiting for you in one of the corridors.  What secrets will you reveal during your stay in this edifice teeming with mystery?
      • Style: In character, but casual RPs between players allowed.
      • Interruption: Not possible.
      • Simultaneous RP: Of course.
      • Allowed Roleplay: No restrictions.
      • Features: No Public Chat
    • Room 5/6: Motel(s)
      • Setting: Determined by the players.
      • Style: IC only. OOC organization please keep in Whisper or in the OOC room.
      • No simultaneous RP, wait for anyone inside to finish before using the room.  Must exit the room when finished with your RP.
      • Roleplay Interruption: Before you approach existing roleplay already happening between two or more person, get permission from all parties involved first! Interruption without permission is not allowed.
      • Allowed Roleplay: No restriction.
      • Features: Public Dice Enabled, No Join On Login
      • Other Restrictions: No lurking allowed.
    • Room 7: Game room
      • Setting: Game room is a special function room. Usage determined by the scheduler
      • Availablity: Use this forum thread to schedule any roleplay or meeting! If it is not booked, it will be first come first serve, like the Motel.
      • Style: IC only by default. OOC organization please keep in Whisper or in the OOC room. Can be determined by the scheduler
      • Allowed Roleplay: No restriction.
      • Features: Public Dice Enabled
      • Other Restrictions: No lurking allowed by default, Can be determined by the scheduler

Of course, do check out this Vore Roleplay Advice and Guidelines, highly recommended for everyone! But most importantly, please enjoy the site!

Our team:


  • Leshana

Moderators (Identified by italic names)

  • Charity
  • Conn
  • Leshana
  • Kailindrea
  • Xiath
  • Requiem
  • Silrath
  • Kimmy
  • Foxy_Ashley
  • Renael


  • Eka
  • Leshana

About Our Rules

Yes, rules change. It happens, and it can happen anytime to better fit the atmosphere we desire. I don't know when the next time will be, but I will do my best to keep you guys updated.

When it comes to drama every place has it. I might be disappointed if I see it here, but I won't be surprised. We try to avoid it, but it will still happen from time to time. Just dust off and move on.

Our rules are enforced to the utmost of our ability, and we ask our members to respect our efforts and work with the administrators, developers, and moderators who make this site and this chat possible. But overall, we are here to have fun. Don't let the little things bog you down and keep you from doing what you want to do, which is play.


Chat Features:

  • Information - This section you are viewing right now
  • Character - For you to search character by name, see sliders information for online characters and search their profile text.
  • Forum for events, questions (Technical or not) or group communication, please use our forum here!
  • Log, please use this chat log viewer to see the conversation happened in our chat!
  • Private Log, Click to view the private log for the character you log in as.
  • Click on the name on the user list at the right to send a private message to that user.
  • Click on the "?" or the character icon on the user list to see their character profile.
  • Click on "speaker icon" beside the username will put that user on ignore. Click "it" again to see new messages from them.
  • Type the first letter of a name and press the Tab key on your keyboard will trigger auto name completion.
  • Click on the arrow ► in front of the user name will put that user on highlight, where a sound will play when that person makes a message. Click the arrow again to cancel highlighting the user's message.

You can also change the current status to any of the following. See the exact use of those in this discussion here:

Away Away (Will automatically set if user is inactive for a certain amount of time, depends on the room)
Looking for Roleplay Looking for Roleplay 
Do not Disturb Do not Disturb
Roleplaying as Prey Roleplaying as Prey / Looking for roleplay as Prey
Roleplaying as Predator Roleplaying as Predator / Looking for roleplay as Predator
Out of character Out of character
In character In character
Open for approach Open for approach
Player is distracted

If you register and log in, you will get the edit my description feature, there you can fill in your character information by clicking "Profile" at the top of the screen in the chat. You can make this information visible by clicking on the ? sign in front of the name of the character in the right column.


Profile Limitation:

  1. All images, movie, music, or material displayed or linked from profile must have full permission or have no copyright violation. (This is a site-wide rule)
  2. Images involving underage drawing and sexual exposure at the same time (Basically, anything involving nudity or suggestive posture) will not be allowed to be displayed or linked to in profile.
  3. Images involving situations that are outside of the community focus and are suspected to offend a significant portion of users (specifically: Gore / Violent,  Excessive Scat, Fear Inducement, etc) may only be used on profiles as hyperlinks or hidden content (show/hide) button, with a fitting warning note.
  4. Auto-playing sound or music are not allowed. This includes external page linked / auto-forward from the profile.
  5. Any limitation for interactive services from our Term of Service also apply.
  6. See HTML/CSS basics for C3 Chat Profiles if you need any help with your profile set up
  7. No redirecting users to unrelated websites, annoying pop-ups, or flashing lights.
  8. No RL photographs or real people, the chat is for fantasy only. If it wouldn't be allowed on the gallery, it shouldn't be your profile image.

You can also use the following commands and tags:

  • "/me" at the beginning of the input box will turn that message into an action. ie: "/me picks up a rock". Becomes "Leshana picks up a rock."
  • " : " does the same thing. "/me's" and ":'s" works as well for adding 's behind your name in the action post.
  • "//" at the beginning of the room will automatically turn the message into an Out of character expression by adding "bubbles around the message. i.e.: "//Hi Everyone!" becomes "(( Hi Everyone! ))"
  • "!#d#" is the comment for dice rolling. For example, !3d6 would be to roll three six-sided dices. It can be anywhere in the message. Each message, however, can only have one dice command. Dice are limited to at most 9 at a time, and at most 256 sides. Basic +/- modifier support is available. 
  • Entering a URL like "//" will show as a clickable link.
  • Enter [i]blah[/i] for italics, [b]blab[/b] for bold, and [u]blah[/u] for underline in your message.
  • Enter [spoiler] or [s] and close the message with [/spoiler] or [/s] will make the message only visible after highlighting it. Remember you are required to explains what you are spoiling before you use the spoiler tag whenever it is used in public.
  • Enter [tt] and close the message with [/tt] will make the text within the tag tiny. Tiny text. That is.
  • Enter /look Username will open up a new window to show you that person's profile
  • Enter /msg Username messages send the messages to Username as a whisper
  • Entering [[Username]] in your profile will automatically create a link to that person's profile. For example [[Leshana]] will make a link looking like Leshana.
  • To make a link to any profile use the following URL: Just replace Leshana with the character you wish to link to.
  • Type the first one or more letters of a name currently log in to the same room and then press the Tab key will automatically complete the name, if there are more then one name matching the letter(s) entered, press tab again will rotate to the next one.
  • For the sliders: You can use the [prey] [/prey] and [pred] [/pred] tag in your slider description to show text specifically for prey or predator tab. For information on what the sliders term means, click here
  • Also for the sliders: Enter [i]blah[/i] for italics, [b]blab[/b] for bold, and [u]blah[/u] for underline

Other features:

PUB stands for Personal User Board. After you have registered, you will see all the personal messages sent to you on the top of the window. Message send to any of your characters will trigger a notification on any of your character

Common chat issue (Chat FAQ):

Q: My profile image is not updating after I upload a new one!

A: Try clear cache or use Ctrl-F5 to refresh the profile.

Q: How do I make a new character?

A: Exactly how you make the first one!

Q: How do I get a character from the old chat?

A: They are no longer accessible if you haven't migrated your character yet. Contact Eka directly for assistance if needed. 

Q: I keep getting logged out randomly / I cannot receive whisper!

A: It can be due to various reasons...

  • If you are on mobile device - This chat does not support those, but any standby, changing IP, etc., can cause your character to get logged off
  • If you have log off problem after getting a whisper, check your flash installation or firewall/anti-virus. Flashblock or ad block or improper installation of flash can cause a problem with whisper and causes log out. Try to disable those add-ons to help the investigation.

Other interesting things:

send an e-mail to the administrators