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17 minutes ago
I have a funny video to show you guys

this happen months ago but i captured this moment when...
1 hour ago
When you want to write more, but you can't because you're too tired from staying up late writing, so...
2 hours ago
I already said that drawings will come soon, but I will upload written material, which also is going...
6 hours ago
Hey guys.

I am now opening for requests. I am new to writing this stuff, and would like...
7 hours ago
Well, it's that time of year again. 33, I'm older. So happy.

Anyway! On to the main...
8 hours ago
9 hours ago
I wanna make some undertale/deltarune content because I love the characters and fun digestion stuff...
9 hours ago
Bunch of slots available! DM here or on discord if interested!
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4 months ago
I've always liked Ricky Raccoon's (Noctivagus on Eka's Portal) stories, but now he's got some big medical bills.
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4 years ago
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5 years ago
Hello, yes, I am going to AC this year. I thought I should mention this stuff, since I never do it ahead of time. Even if I am a bit late....
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7 years ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
[ More ... ]
7 years ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
[ More ... ]
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Your previous assignments with Overwatch had always been less glamorous, generally having been...
You make your way to D. Va's room, she was in the middle of streaming, she was completely into a...
You walk into the room, leaving tiny footprints covered in grime from the inside of Manectric....
Absol moaned, wanting to give his boner some attention. He knew better than that though. The...
in Cocky Kingdom 18 hours ago
With a single smooth move your cock envelops the agent and slurps her down into your balls, the...
Not wanting to risk being seen with her belly, Ashe decides to rest and digest in the doctor's...
With her free arm, she was able to pushed off against Mercy's bloated round stomach and free herself...
However, before Ashe could make her move, Mercy grab her an examine that "it's time for my...
in A Vore-Torn World 1 day ago
It isn’t worth the risk. You can’t stand the idea of pleasuring the boy that just put your best...
in Meals for Monarchs 1 day ago
You decide to see what issues have been brought before your royal mother this morning. Perhaps...
in Meals for Monarchs 1 day ago
You smile cruelly at the dancer you called for. She’s a grown woman, over twice your age, and yet...
There’s absolutely no telling who’s hiding behind those doors, and you see no reason to find out....
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