Do you have any friends (who are not into vore) who know you like vore (whether it be sexual, artistic, or both).

46% (598 votes)
54% (707 votes)
Total votes: 1305


Yes. But it doesn't come up often.

Well, with a bunch of bored millenials scrabbling for conversation topics, the subject of 'what's the weirdest shit you're into' was bound to come up eventually - especially since vore's kind of got a reputation as a jokey kind of thing. But because we don't really tend to get to that conversation topic often, it's almost never brought up - and they certainly don't mock me for it. Someone who DOES bring it up semi-often is my romantic partner, though. Whenever someone gets nommed in a video game or TV show either of us happen to be playing/watching /she gives me this smug fucking look./ And this morning (8/8th in the northern hemisphere) she nudged me awake to ask about vore day, which twitter had helpfully notified her of. Ah, love is bliss.

Vore is rare enough

I tried to discuss vore fetish with my friends, but most of they do not know what it is. One of my friends know about my fetishes, but he does not understand it. He said: "Vore is a violation of all rules of anatomy". So, it's difficult enough to find a vorarefile offline. Thanks God I can find like-minded people here!

No, but I'm scared of them finding out on their own

I'm into vore, but no one I know knows. I'm scared they'll look down on me for it, but I also kinda wish they knew. Am I the only one who thinks this way?


I know what you mean

For a number of years I considered telling my friends. I always decided against it, but the thought kept coming to me again and again, and I didn't even know why I wanted to. Eventualy one day I was with my best friend and we got on the topic of fetishes, and I figued it was now or never, and told him. It was actually dificult to speak the words at first, but eventualy I got them out, and I'm glad I did. He didn't judge or ridicule me, he even told me he was into his own stuff (non-vore realated) as well to my suprise. I think the reason I wanted to tell someone was because there are so many intersting aspects, jokes, and other topics to talk about that had been stuck in my head for years. I even was about to work through some hang-ups I wasn't aware I had about vore untill I had someone to talk to. It's still something I keep privet about me, but my closest freinds now know and it's been a positive thing for me.

Urge to tell

Ive had that similar urge to tell someone, but then also dont want people to know. It keeps coming back to me.

Ive wanted to tell my wife, but wondered what i would gain from it. Its not like she would probably understand - but its still there, as i dont like things being hidden between us. But this is such a huge thing, thats been with me for as long as i can remember.

I also wouldnt want it to impact other aspects of life, especially work, and family etc.

So i guess, for now ... im stuck, and its still a secret.


I've only just got into the scene and I don't plan on telling anyone. It's my business and I don't fancy telling people what I get off to.

Why not?

All my friends and even my mom know I am into VORE and other stuffs like that. I live without shame because if it was possible, I could be a Vore Queen in real life too! XD Life is short, so I do what I please ♡

The Comment I was waiting for

I kmew someone would eventually leave a comment like this. I have one friend who knows and a few friends who probably know but have never called me out. The person who knows doesn't mind and ain't a snitch, and I wouldn't mind if any more friends knew. I just don't want them to be disturbed by it. Other than that my biggest fear in life is easily my parents, family, or co-workers discovering it and ultimately being disgusted by me. I don't know how they would, but it's still a scary thought.


im super suprised at the percentage of the pole, i would have thought it would have been an outstanding no.


It would be interesting how you'd actually start that conversation lol

Just curious

Just curious