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Tikal Finds a Bug (Video Version

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An animation I recently did.




Tikal belongs to Sega.

Batman Beyond Inque Forced Vore

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I am a bit surprised that this scene from Batman Beyond has not bin added to the site yet knowing how famous it is

Eskoz Unbirth Giantess

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Not done by me, found it from another sitte. The author's Eskoz.

Preview of Shinshoku Gakuen: xx of the Dead

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Found a preview of what looks to be a vore-centered hentai animation and thought people here would be interested.

Thumbelina: Blue Fox Swallows Sugar Fairy Whole and Tries to Gobble Up Maya

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From the movie Thumbelina: A Magical Story, A blue fox swallow's Maya's friend Noble the Sugar Fairy, then attempts to gobble up Maya as well.

supernatural vore soul

Brulgar Accidentally Vores Carawang.... Almost

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A scene from the final episode of the series "The Silver Brumby". Brulgar almost swallowed his spy because he was pissed and had his mouth wide open. Now I see why they say "Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth"........ What? Too Soon?

Indominous Rex Tries to Swallow Gyrosphere.

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Imagine if the gyrosphere had been smaller, or the rex had been bigger, they may have gotten the "full jurrasic world experience".

Amy ate Sonic

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well i did an animation with an old gif from that was made with sprites from Kaiju in DeviantArt of amy eating sonic (Kaiju probably is not with us anymore because this is a really old submit, that he made in 5 years ago... i think it's more older)

I hope you like it!

Blood-C Griffin Soft Vore

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This is a short but really sweet vore scene from the horror anime Blood-C

Idol of Darkness assimilation scene

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Thanks go to Ethranoch [1] for giving me this clip to upload. This is a re-upload of a previous video I have uploaded on here in better quality. I hope you guys enjoy. This is a composite video of the deleted scene from the hentai Idol of darkness where the monster assimilates the woman it's having sex with. 


Dino Bird Vores Granny (With Sound)

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Well, that's what happens when you gobble up old sloths like Granny Sloth. (Now with sound.)

Foosa Vore

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This is why King Julian should not try to make peace with the Foosa.

Feel free to comment.

The Blob Eats

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Just a little animation I made in Blender, hope you enjoy:)

The Locker Room Giantess Vore

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I just found this really good animated vore movie online enjoy

Girls turning into food

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A video with a visual novel style of various girls from anime and idolmaster turning into various food by Buu.

I thought of a second part ! Any suggestions ?

Giantess Harley Quinn Vore

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Just found this amazing vore video featuring Harley Quinn enjoy

Honeycomb moray vores yellow spotted moray

Waf-Ful Vore

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So, make sure you're not some flavored filling walking around, or you might be the Waffle Pred's next prey.

(Couldn't find Eggo's Waf-Ful Apple Cinommon Filling commercial. Sorry.)

Alien vore

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A morph video of mine. Was deleted there from youtube! Contains allegedly sexual content, simply laughable

Cell Girl Vore

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I stumbled across this on a site called pornhub...or somthing like that. I believe the video itself was made using MMD, but I'm not 100% sure. Here we have a female counterpart of the infamous Cell from Dragon Ball Z, having "absorbed" some unknown prey. I'm not sure if it's just tail vore or unbirth (hell, it could be a combination of both.) Judging by her facial expression, and the way she rubs her heavily distended belly, she's obviously enjoying the feeling of whatever's squirming around in there.

Mistaken For Pouch Vore

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So, yeah, this little scene right here was mistaken for vore by Winnie the Pooh and his friends when Kanga and Roo first moved to the hundred acre wood.

Makes me wonder if this got a lot of people on the pouch vore trian.

Feel free to comment about the quick scene.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Don't Come Around Here No More 1985 Music Video Vore

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I just saw this really good and really weird music video and there is a really good and kinda disturbing vore sequence that begins at about 3:30 enjoy

Grabbers 2012 Scene

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A little clip from the 2012 movie  "Grabbers"