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This is Eka's portal vore wiki. The point of this wiki is to help people share their opinions and to tell us what they think vore and the related terms mean. To edit the Wiki, first get an account for this portal. Once that is done, or if you already have an account, you will find the "Edit" button in the top right corner of the page.

Let me go through the basics: Simply click on "Edit"on any page to add, modify, or delete content. All the changes are recorded in the history of the page, so you don't need to worry about making a critical mistake. Just do something, add it, and correct things as you see fit. The idea is, after getting everyone's opinions we will have good definitions of some of the terms.

'''To see a list:'''

Click [ | here]

'''To search:'''

Use the "Search this site" bar on the left of the portal. Keep in mind, the forum and the gallery search are separated with everything else. 

'''To Edit:'''

If you want to edit, simply click on "Edit" on top right. If you have something you want to see defined, simply add the page. To create a new page, put its name in [[[Double Brackets]]] in any given page.

'''To insert images:'''

If it is already on a website somewhere, you can drag it from one browser windows into the other browser window, or click on the Picture icon in the editor to insert it.

If it is not already on a website, click on "Upload" to upload them, it is on top right corner.

'''To add link:'''

Highlight the words you want to make a link for, then click on the link icon to insert/edit the link of that word(s)

I hope we will be able to define the terms we use in vore a bit more with this section here.

Here is a brief list so far, click on "Vore Wiki" on top right to see a full list!

'''Common Types of Vore:'''


[[Hard Vore]]

[[Soft Vore]]

[[List of types of vore]]

[[Rarer types of vores]]

'''Genre/Related Fetish:'''







[[Common Roleplay terms]]


[[What is vore?]]

'''Other feature:'''

[[Vore Creatures Folio]]

[[Endosomatophilia world]]

[[Game Resource Dictionary]]

[[Vore Directory]]

[[The Eka's Portal Writing Group]]

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