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Pokemon giantess girl vore - Page 62 - ~Digestion~ - By Beatboy - Overview
Her system's pretty weak and her acids don't really do anything yet. But still you slowly start feeling a little tingling sensation.
It starts at your legs and makes it's way up your spine.
You walk through the acids and try and search for anything no avail though.
After half an hour the acids get stronger and her stomach finally begins churning it's contents. Your legs slowly start dissolving and you fall down into the liquid below. Soon after ,your whole body follows and your form vanishes.

While you're getting digested Bianca keeps cheering on Elesa and the show really makes the crowd go crazy. Not only Bianca but also the rest of the crowd is cheering for Elesa and admiring her amazing performance.

You won't get to see anything of it though as Bianca digested you like the snack you were. Your journey ends by becoming nutrition for Bianca's assets.
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