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Travelling with Asenath - Page 6 - "You bet, let's go!" - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
You blinked as the girl addressed you, your mind raced, strange behavior, odd appearance, cute small girl in foreign looking clothes...hadn't you seen this in an anime before? I mean, probably not, what were the odds right? But could you really live with yourself if it turned out this was the big break you'd been waiting for? You knelt down, grabbing her by the shoulders causing her eyes to widen with sudden shock her hands coming up between you defensively, "You got it! Just leave it to me!" you declare dramatically.

"Umm, please don't do that..." she said softly, glancing around the street as people stopped to look at your erratic behavior.

You hated your job anyway, you texted your boss and told her you wouldn't be there tonight, offering no explanation. Leading the girl by the hand you brought her to your car parked down the road. "W-wait, I don't know if I want to get in that thing..." she protested nervously as you opened the passenger door for her.

"What, don't be silly, it's totally safe!" you reassure her. Hesitantly she climbed into the front seat of the LeSabre and you circled around to the driver's seat, strapping in. Watching you buckle your seat belt she quickly grabbed at her own fumbling with it for a second. "Relax I won't let anything happen to you." you comfort her again as she looked ready to pass out, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she clutched at her restraint. She looked somewhat uncertain on that point especially when you pulled out onto the road and started accelerating, she gasped softly and squeezed her eyes shut.

You can't help but giggle looking at her so distraught, "So, why New York?" you ask after she'd gotten used to riding in the car.

"I told you, I want to see the glass towers." She said, looking out the window, "I'm doing research...though, you should have let me go alone, there may be people here looking for me." she said distantly, looking out the window for a moment but swiftly going back to looking around the car, as watching the scenery whip by made her feel ill.

"What sort of people?" you ask curious.

"Bad people, if they find you with me they may try to hurt you..." she said gravely and you feel your heart drop in your chest. That made it a little more real...maybe you'd gotten a bit carried away before...
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