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Travelling with Asenath - Page 5 - "Sure, I can help you out." - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
"Sure, I guess I can help you out with's really far away though." you warn her, your practiced customer service routine kicking in even though it was hours before you'd have to be at work, "You'll probably have to take the train or something." you pull out your phone and pull up Google Maps as she looks on wide eyed, showing her with the map how long it would take to drive, about six hours.

She stroked her chin pensively, "You mean in one of those metal carriages it would take that long..." she considered this for a moment letting the strangeness of her phrasing wash over you, "Is there a place in this town I could stay the night?" she asked finally.

"Umm, actually there is..." you say helpfully, "I work at the motel at the end of town, it's really the only one around, besides the few overnight deals down by the interstate." You explain, "Tell them I sent you and they might even give you a discount." you smile even though you know they won't, the owners were terminally tight-fisted. You exchange names and the girl gives hers as Asenath...Asenath Wately, it sounds like a strange name to you but it was probably the least strange thing about the girl so it didn't really register as untoward.

She thanks you and rolls up the magazine sticking it into a canvas satchel hanging off her shoulder, before going in the direction you'd indicated. Your phone already out you shoot a quick text to your friend that the weird girl everyone in town was talking about was staying at your hotel.

No way! Details? they write back almost immediately.

She's super weird...kind of cute though. At least she's nice. You write back.

He sends a string of emoji that indicate some rather inappropriate things and you only respond with lol, you wish!before going on with your day, grabbing some groceries and heading back home to browse through vore on Eka's and roleplay a bit with some of your online friends before you have to go to work late that night.

"Hey, did you tell that strange girl to come here?" your boss asked as you clock in.

"Umm, yeah, she said she was looking for a place to stay, why?" you ask nervously.

"She didn't have any kind of ID or anything...I let her stay since you sent her over but if she trashes the room it's your ass." she said, laughing teasingly, though in a way that said if any of that actually did happen she wouldn't be laughing tomorrow and neither would you. You only chuckle nervously and nod.

It began with a ruckus on the second floor that sounded like a fight. Muffled thuds and cracking sounds like a firework or bullwhip caused the walls to vibrate, you immediately head upstairs. After your boss's warning you have a sneaking suspicion where the noise is coming from.

Approaching the room the din has already died down but you notice the door has been broken inwards, as if by a ram or something. You would've thought it was kicked in except the room doors were strong metal storm doors that would've taken a bionic leg to kick in like that. Hesitantly you hover outside the door and are about to go inside when you see the girl from before.

"Oh, hi!" she greets jauntily as if you'd just passed casually in the lobby. She looks disheveled and her clothes are torn and askew.

"H-hey! What's going on here!?" you demand, "I could lose my job over this!" you shout at the diminutive girl as she fixes her hair stepping over the door to join you on the balcony.

"I'm sorry, I was interrupted." she said as though that explained everything. She stood on her tiptoes looking over the balcony and inhaling sharply, "Uh oh, there's about to be trouble, we'd better get out of here!" she exclaimed grabbing your hand, her grip surprisingly strong for her size.

You look over your shoulder and notice three people in black coats crossing the lot towards the front of the motel, they look up and see the two of you and you see one pull a pistol from inside his coat. "Oh shit!" you exclaim piling into the room with girl.
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