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Travelling with Asenath - Page 2 - "That's...really far away." - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
"I'm sorry, but that's, like...really far from here..." you apologize quickly, turning and walking the other way at a decent clip, eager for the strange encounter to be over. Looking over your shoulder you see her look down at the picture in disappointment, crossing the street to ask another person and getting a similar brusque reply. You feel a twinge of guilt, unsure what it was about the girl, who, true to the rumors, had been polite and well spoken, that gave you such a feeling of foreign-ness. Maybe it was her eyes which were a slightly off-putting luminous shade of gold, not yellow or amber like was common with the false colour contacts cosplayers wore, but an actual bright, pale, almost metallic gold. Maybe it was her skin which was unnaturally pale, even for Maine which had fair complexions in abundance. Maybe it was the way she spoke, her phrasing, which seemed slightly off, as though she'd never heard of things that you thought everyone should know, like calling skyscrapers "glass towers" it wasn't unclear, just strange.

The small girl remained in the forefront of your mind for the rest of the day, the brief conversation causing you to become more and more unsettled as the day wore on and your memory of the event becoming stranger and stranger in retrospect. Someone probably could've convinced you she'd had horns and breathed fire by the time you got to work late that night, as the night auditor for a motel you were used to long quiet shifts, occasionally fielding a few guest complaints and very seldomly, renting to a latecomer. Tonight would not be a normal night...

It began with a ruckus on the second floor that sounded like a fight. Muffled thuds and cracking sounds like a firework or bullwhip caused the walls to vibrate, you spent a minute or two fielding complaints about the noise, but by the time you got off the phone the scuffle had died down and you decided to ignore it and check the room later, going back to looking at vore on Eka's in the meantime.

It was about a half hour after that you were looking out the front window and saw a spark of light, just floating out in the parking lot. You stare as it widens to a circle of white light, bending light around the edges like a black hole you'd seen one time on a discovery channel special you'd watched stoned one time. Unable to look away you see three people in black coats step out of the ring from seemingly nowhere and walk towards the front of the hotel. You were so engrossed in the inexplicable display that you almost didn't notice the girl enter the lobby from the rear door and jumped when she opened the door in the side of the desk motioning for you to get down.

"Listen, those people outside are after me, but they'll harm you too if you see them." she hissed urgently, "You have to come with me, quickly!"
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