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Travelling with Asenath - Page 18 - Head south... - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
Your hand, almost of its own accord, slides over her flat stomach towards the top of her trunks, ever so slightly edging the tips of your fingers under the cloth. You feel the fine soft hairs of her bush as you comb through them beads of perspiration breaking out on your forehead as you begin to feel the heat from her body increase the closer you came to her sex. Her body shivers and she inhales deeply as your fingertips slide across the soft moist seam. You pause, watching as blood rushes to her cheeks turning them a faint shade of pink. Your heart races and you start moving your hand again stroking her silky smooth cleft tenderly. Her mouth opened softly and she sighed instinctively drawing closer to you as your tender attentions continued, you want to take it further and probe her slick tender tunnel but would that wake her?
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