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Travelling with Asenath - Page 16 - Her stomach... - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
She sleeps with the blanket down around her hips and you look down at the thin cotton shirt closely hugging her lithe thin little body. Her sinewy arms looked even more defined lit from behind, you wonder if her tight little torso was the same...

Slowly you reach down to her bony hip, keeping your eyes on her placid sleeping face lest she stirred. You slide your hand underneath the thin undershirt and up the sleeping girl's flank. Her skin was smooth and warm and her lean muscle created deep furrows and ridges for your fingertips to explore. As your fingertips brushed across her abs she stirred, her abs rippling as she stretched. Your hand froze wondering if you were about to be caught.

However, she only rolled onto her back, causing her shirt to slide up over her belly. Man this girl could really sleep. As she was lying there her belly gurgled loudly, you remembered you hadn't stopped to eat today. It seemed you had succeeded in waking something up.

You rubbed a little higher on her belly trying to soothe the girl's grumbling stomach. You realized you could probably get away with rubbing her breasts as well, or...
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