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Travelling with Asenath - Page 1 - Travelling with Asenath - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
You didn't quite know what you'd be getting into when the small,strange, pale girl appeared in your town. She didn't seem to know about a lot of commonplace things, she was spotted outside an electronics store, just staring at the screens both awestruck and mystified. She'd also almost wandered out into traffic several times before apparently getting the knack of the traffic signals and crosswalks. People who had spoken with her, cashiers, clerks, police officers, and passersby, said she was polite but had strange mannerisms, she was always taking notes, some even said that these notes were in some sort of made-up language. Her general strangeness and lack of knowledge about basic amenities caused a susurrus to spread around the town about her, and in a small town like Windsor, ME it wasn't long until everyone had at least heard of the newcomer.

Now that you are face to face with her you can't help but think the rumors didn't quite do her justice. She is a small and slender girl with an athletic physique and a roundish inquisitive face. Her golden eyes are large and almond shaped and her nose is small and upturned. She has a thin and skeptical mouth and five piercings, one through her lower lip and two around the cusp of each ear, they are made of a foreign pale metal that might be some sort of white anodized titanium. She didn't seem like she spent an overabundance of time on her appearance without a trace of cosmetics on her face and carelessly piling her long white hair on top of her head in a bun.

"Can you show me how to get here?" she asks for a second time, her voice quiet and dusky making her seem bookish despite her athletic build. She shows you a picture of New York City from a magazine, "I want to see the glass towers..." she explains further.
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