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Arrival In Draconia - Page 87 - You are coiled up! - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Suddenly, your body is enveloped by something scaly. You just make out the presence of a snake's coils before you are whisked up further into the canopy. You are left hanging from the coils as you come to a stop, close to the top of the forest canopy.

"Ssssssay, what have we here?"

You turn your head to find a strange sight. A python, brown in colour with yellow eyes. Its tongue flicks out from time to time, tasting the air and most likely your fear.

"What an interesssssting catch. A human. Why, I haven't seen one in ages." To your shock, it speaks! It spins you around a few times, keeping its eyes on yours. "And ssssssso attentive too! I will enjoy keeping you around."

Its eyes glow brighter, and suddenly you are drawn in. Almost like they are some kind of infinite void, with secrets that you MUST learn. It calls to you, demanding you stare, demanding you listen.

"Already caught? A sssssshame. The lasssssst human I had wassssss far more entertaining, alwaysssssss resissssssting my hold, but ever ssssssso adorable when he would inevitably fall in and lisssssten to hisssssss pal, old Aak. Just like you are now. Yessssss you are. Nod your head, ssssssay you are. Do ssssssso for old Aak."

"I am listening to Aak." You nod your head.

"Good. Keep lissssstening to me. Keep your precioussssss little eyessssss on Aak. Never look away. Yesssssss, I ssssssee that your own eyessssss have taken my sssssssshade. Not long now, my sssssssweet little pet."

You moan. The coils squeezing you feel so good. His eyes are so beautiful. You could look forever. Stare forever. Yes. Just listen to Aak. Listen to Master.


You open your mouth to speak, but Aak's tail tightened around your neck, cutting you off. He also zoomed in, enveloping your face in a deep kiss.


"Aaaaaaahh, there it goesssssss. Sssssssso delectable." Aak hisses in satisfaction. "Are you ready to give up your free will, pet? Become my sssssservant forever?"
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