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Trying Everything: A Zootopia Vore Interactive Story - Page 34 - Dawn Bellwether, the lamb whose plot to rule Zootopia involves becoming the thing she used to hate~ - By HisashiHinata - Overview
Dawn Bellwether, currently the most feared animal in Zootopia, sat in her holding cell, staring out into the full moon of the night. The distraught lamb huffed as she shook her head.

How in the world, with all of her planning and cunning intelligence, was she thwarted by a bunny and a fox?!

She grumbled as she contemplated her current situation. She was currently waiting to stand in trial for her crimes. She knew that if she couldn't escape her prison, she would surely be convicted and sentenced to life in prison, or worse. If that happened, she could never be able to carry out her revenge against those who ruined her plans!

The only thing now is to plan on how to do so. After a little bit of brainstorming, she decided that she could either escape traditionally, and create some kind of escape route, or, she could be bold and attempt an escape when she would be called to her trial...

What was she feeling like doing?
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