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Down on Grandpa's Farm - Page 34 - Inside your sister’s stomach - By Thor11 - Overview
You feel yourself get squeezed out of your sister’s throat and plop into tight, wet, acid filled sack called her stomach. You try to stand up but the constant sloshing of gastric waves of chyme and the squishy moving floor of her stomach make it impossible. You manage to crawl over to the side of her stomach and hold yourself up against the wall of it. Angry digestive rumbling and groaning from your sis’s stomach are your only company inside the tight humid organ as you hear voices from beyond the flesh of your sisters body.

“I can’t believe you would swallow your own brother Eve!” Your Grandma was not happy at all about the situation. “I d-didn’t mean too! It was an accident I swear!” Your sister was obviously very distraught by situation as well. Although she did have to admit you taste was magnificent, and the way you slid down her throat was just so satisfying, and your squirms inside made her feel so good, like you just belonged in her... what was wrong with her? Your grandma gives out a sigh before giving out her reply...
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