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Down on Grandpa's Farm - Page 32 - Encourage Maybel - By analist_vorister - Overview
"Go Maybel, go!" you say with enthusiasm, pumping your fists up and down for emphasis.

Your sister's cries are drowned out by the mare giving a whinny, as if in response. She stamps a hoof and bucks her head up, taking in a good bit of the girl's torso.

Your sister's shorts-clad butt wiggles in panic in front of you. As Maybel reaches the girl's rear, the horse seems to have trouble getting it into her mouth. The mare eyes you, as if asking for help. Well, you did just encourage the horse, didn't you? As awkward as it may seem to touch your sister there, didn't your sister deserve a good few pushes on her rear after she was so smug earlier?
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