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Down on Grandpa's Farm - Page 15 - Hold your hands to her mouth - By DancingQueen6281 - Overview
You make a few clicking sounds to get Maybel’s attention. The large Clydesdale turns to you, her mouth a few inches from your face.

“You hungry girl?” you ask.

As if in response Maybel licks her lips and smacks them loudly. Your sister giggles from the other side of the enclosure. You place your hands together, almost as if in prayer and offer them out towards the horse’s mouth. Maybel sniffs at your hands, and then she licks her fat tongue along them.

“I think it’s working!” your sister squeals from behind you.

Maybel wraps her tongue around your hands and guides them to her open mouth. Her lips easily close over them and you can feel the warm wetness inside. Her nostrils flare and she breathes hot breath on you. For a moment nothing happens and you start to doubt that anything will.

Then you feel yourself pulled forward as Maybel gulps loudly and your hands are pulled into her throat and your upper arms are pulled into her mouth.

You hear your sister clap and giggle but the sound soon becomes muted as Maybel takes another gulp and your head and upper chest are pulled into her mouth. It’s hot and wet, and you can feel the horse’s throat squeezing your arms. You don’t have time to think on it long because another loud gulp pulls in your entire upper body, plunging your head into the darkness of Maybel’s throat. Your feet are lifted off the ground and are your legs are left dangling in the air. Suddenly you feel your sister’s hands on your legs.

What is she doing?
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