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A week in Vorerellia - Page 16 - Carla Millers [Middle Schooler] - By Thor11 - Overview
You are Carla Millers.You are 14 years old, in 9th grade, 5ft 2in, have Light brown skin, dark brown hair that goes halfway down your back, green eyes, have a slender body and have B cup breast. You have a generally calm personality, are incredibly smart and sneaky and able to get way with things most kids wouldn’t. You usually spend a majority of your week at school while playing around on Saturday and Sunday. Your father is Blake Millers who works as a bartender at the Turquoise Keg Bar in the middle of the city(Pred) and your mother is Emily Millers who works as the manager at the Sandwich Prince down the street(Prey). Both you and your father try to protect your mother from being eaten by another predator. All has worked out pretty well in your life so far. I wonder how this week can change that...


You wake up to your alarm clock going off. It is now 6:30 and it is time to get ready for school. You Drag Yourself out of bed and strip out of your pajamas. You put on a black bra and panties before putting on a green sweater and a pair black sweat pants. You then head to your bathroom to brush and comb out your hair before putting on deodorant and hairspray. You tie you hair up into a long pony tail with a green band before heading back to your room to throw your old pajamas in the hamper and then head downstairs for breakfast. As you get downstairs you don't see your mother and father anywhere. They must still be in bed, they usually aren't in bed this late. You have 3 options which is either to wake them up, wait for them to come down or try to cook breakfast yourself.
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