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A Night With Father - Page 65 - Swim In His Stomach - By RealZikik - Overview
"Hey, dad." you said.
"What is it?" he responded.
"Would you like to eat me?" you asked.
"You'd rather swim in my stomach acid?" he said.
"Yeah." you answered.
"Alright, then." your father said.

You move over to him and he grabs your feet and stuffs them into his mouth. He slurps them up and moves toward your knees. Your feet quickly go down his throat and into his stomach and your legs soon follow. He enjoys the taste of your body as more of you enters and he approaches your knees. With some more swallows, he gets closer to your hips. They slide into his mouth and now he's tasting your stomach. You just close your eyes and let him continue swallowing. He soon makes it to your bikini top and your cleavage is suddenly full of saliva. You're a little embarrassed but glad that he's at least enjoying your taste. Your shoulders are swallowed next and then your head is all that's left. One more swallow sends the rest of you down where you rest in his stomach acid.

"Have fun in there." he said, patting his stomach.
"I will." you said.

The walls of his stomach wrap around you, everything feeling so warm and slimy. The stomach acid wastes no time in treating you like food. The digestion process starts and it feels good. Your flesh is slowly melted away and starts turning into a pile of goop. Your bottom digests right off and then you're tossed all over the place in the stomach, acids splashing all over, getting more of your flesh digested. Tears form in your top, which soon digests off as well. Now your father is digesting your naked body. You enjoy every second until you're gone.
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