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Life As Food II: Working At The Zoo - Page 60 - The Bird Can't Control It's Hunger - By RealZikik - Overview
The bird starts acting strangely. It starts moving even faster and the next thing you know, you're thrown up in there, and your face is sent straight down its throat. You don't have time to remove any of your clothes, so you have to accept you're getting eaten with them on. It swallows quickly, getting your head into its stomach and then getting your chest down its throat. After that, your legs follow and join the rest of you inside of its belly. You get yourself comfortable once all of you is inside. The walls are moving around, splashing acid on you and tearing holes in your clothes. This causes your skin to get exposed and since your pants are more exposed to the acid than your shirt, your underwear soon appears. After some time, your clothes all digest right off and eventually the digestion causes you to pass out. The bird would shit out your remains hours later.
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