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World of Kinky Oppression - Page 14 - "Lady Tatyana is trying to eat me." - By smithgerald - Overview
"Understandably so," purrs Lucy as she puts her book down and goes to pick you up.

"I definitely can't let our home mother gobble you up. I've promised my friend Claire that if I got hold of you she'd have you all to herself." Lucy then closed the door and went back to her bed, reaching underneath and getting a small, clear jar.

"Considering her, the other girls and myself finally finished off the bothersome boys from uni the other day, I'm sure that Claire is going to love to have you as a little victory treat." Lucy dropped you in the jar and tightened the lid. No way in hell you're getting out of this one.

"She's going to be over tonight for the party. Hold tight until then, your destiny awaits you." She gave the jar a nice big kiss and then stuffed you under the bed before leaving her room. The jar is definitely sealed shut, so all you can do now is wait.
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