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Daily Survival - Page 99 - How he bought an experience - By JohnCoffey - Overview
"There was this one time. I would say it was the closest I ever came to actually being digested ever. Closer than when my sister did it once. See, I actually think about being eaten a lot. By Rachael, my best friend Mira, my sister, mother, dogs, snakes. I have imagined being eaten by a lot of things and people. It got so bad, that in my senior year of high school, I ended up looking online to be eaten. I searched Craigslist, Voreme, even putting out an ad. I ended up finding something on Voreme. This woman, about 21 at that time, had put out an add on Voreme looking for prey. Thing is, she had it advertised as only being prey for about 48 hours, then she would let them go. It cost a hundred dollars, which I had due to some...job I had throughout high school."

"So I respond to the ad, she asks me some questions, then says that she is willing to eat me, as I am willing to get eaten. so we arrange a time to meet up, a place, all that. I do not tell anyone of this. That is important, but for later. We decide to meet up in a hotel. I meet her in the lobby, we book one room and make our way up. Mind you I did not take my cellphone or wallet with me. I had no way of getting into contact with people. This was under the radar and I would be released two days after being swallowed whole by this woman. Now to note about this woman. She was a little on the hefty size. Clearly she has eaten before. She had a layer of fat on that stomach. She sent a photo before hand showing how I would fit. I would show, but not as much as a skinny girls stomach would show me. We get into the room, where she asks for a little foreplay. A little begging. I say sure, getting into it."

"I start by locking the door to the room, then slowly moving further in. She would wait near the door, then slowly come into view as I lay on the single bed. She would look at me, one hand on her stomach, which would emit a sound to start it off. I would tell her, oh, you sound hungry ma'am. She would say yes, she is, and she sees food in her sights. I would gulp, seeming to "understand." I would tell her that no, I am not a meal. She would lick her lips, with me sound a little more desperate. Please don't eat me. I was only trying to sleep. She would walk over to the bed, loving how I was begging her not to eat me. She would get closer, her breathe getting heavier. Please, you got me petrified in fear, do not eat me. Please do not open your mouth, moving over my head. Swallowing me whole and alive into, I would rub her stomach area, stomach."

The woman would...
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