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Daily Survival - Page 97 - Emma would slowly caress her stomach, moving down from the balcony - By JohnCoffey - Overview
Emma would slowly be caressing her stomach with both hands, feeling Roland squirm from within the confines of her gut. Small gurgling could be heard, as a little bit of acid would be starting to enter in. She would then move down from the balcony. She would look into her pets habitat and then smile. Her stomach is full, her pet has a meal. Emma was happy. Roland would move every now and then, almost as if this was not his first time within the confines of a stomach. Emma would look down at the movement, then ask him, "Is this your first time within a stomach? You offered yourself up so willingly, and you know how to move within that I want to just masturbate. Tell me, what experience do you have with being eaten?"

Roland would be quiet for a little bit, then would start with...
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