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Daily Survival - Page 110 - How Mira almost digested him more than once! - By JohnCoffey - Overview
I have this childhood friend. Her name is Mira. She...oh she has some done some things. She has almost digested me about three times total. Two by accident, one where she really tried to eat me. She has eaten me plenty of times. Thousands honestly. The first time I came close to digestion was when we were still six years of age. See we were having another sleep over. It was early and we were told to go to bed. Mira was feeling hungry still. We both slept in the same room with me on the bottom bunk. She would ask if I would like to be eaten, to help ease her hunger. I would say yes, cause I love being in stomachs at that point. She would do a silent yeah! She would then eat me feet first, a little more easily this time. She would do so on the bottom bunk, with me giggling as she eats me. She would fall asleep not long after. I too would also fall asleep within her stomach.

Over the night, her stomach would slowly produce acid. Her stomach gurgling a little. This being a sleep over, not much would be thought of it, since her mother would think nothing much of it in the morning. I would pretend to be asleep in her stomach when she woke up. It was also a weekend and I was to also stay with her and her family the entire time. I spent that entire time pretending to be asleep. All the while, her mother thought I had died with me not moving. She had thought that her daughter had actually eaten and crushed her friend. She was ok with it. Mira went along with it, saying that it felt good to have me in there. Acid all the while being made and rubbed into my skin. After the whole weekend, on that Sunday near the time I was to be picked up, Mira's mother would tell her to really start digestion. Mira would be confused though.

Mira would question why? It takes a while right? Her mother would tell her that she needs to really make me more soupy before my parents arrived. This is when I would move. The acid really starting to itch at my skin. I would ask if Mira could maybe let me out, and Mira's mother would seem surprised. "I thought you had crushed Roland and were actually digesting your first human meal Mira." She would then move to rub her daughters belly once, then tell her to throw me up. I would come out, skin rather red. She would then rub me with a cream, telling me to not tell my parents. I would not. I would go home, thinking about how I was getting rather close to being digested by almost being in a stomach for 48 hours. A glorious time.

Next would be the...
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