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Daily Survival - Page 105 - Sit down, her gut between her legs - By JohnCoffey - Overview
Emma would then sit down on the balcony, her gut between her legs. Her thighs squeezing her belly filled with Roland. "Oh Roland, you were willing to be eaten. I am glad you just went to it. Saved me the trouble of asking or even just surprising you. You tasted wonderful." Emma would speak to her swollen belly. Roland would squirm in response.

Emma would feel a motion then begin within her belly. She would blush upon feeling the motion knowing that Roland had started to masturbate within her stomach! His hand easily seen going up and down on his dick, both outlined on her skin. She would just start to slowly moan, a feeling slowly coming over her. Seeing and feeling him jack off in her stomach seems to be turning her on. She would get up and waddle over to her room. This would take some time as Roland's motion would cause her to almost fall over every now and then. Panting more and more as she gets closer to her bedroom. She would take off her pants and panties and then move over to her bed. Already in place, a dildo would be suction cupped to the wall. Emma would then use it, filling her needs as Roland does his. Both would end up cumming at the same time, but Emma would have a more powerful orgasm. So much so, that she does not hear the cracking coming from her gut as Roland is crushed within the confines of her stomach. She would pant for a while after, only noticing after calling out to him to move again. She would be sad that it ended so quick, but also glad that she can now focus on digesting Roland's mass of meat and bones now.

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