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Daily Survival - Page 102 - How his sister almost digested him. - By JohnCoffey - Overview
"My sister has eaten me plenty of times over the years, but there was one time when she came close to actually digesting me. Being that I am 19 now, she is 14. When she was 11, she almost got away with it. See she had a plan. After eating many times and loving it, she decided she wanted to eat me for good. Having also eaten others, she could, but she had to be careful due to our parents. So she came up with something.

First would be a trip. We, as a family, went on a camping trip. Here she had a plan to go about it. Since I knew the area and how to camp, they told me and my sister to go out for a week alone. They knew nothing would really happen. We have camped there before. This is when she chose to act. After we got to our area and got our tent up, she pounced. Inside the tent, I was just lying down, seeming to take a nap after the walk and setting up of the camp. There I was laying down when I suddenly feel warmth moving up my legs. Did not pay too much mind until it reached my navel area. I looked down to see myself more than halfway in my sisters gullet!

She would quickly slurp me up, making her stomach rather big as usual. Being 16 at this time, I was mostly grown, so the bulge in her stomach was rather large. She then just stayed on the ground in the tent. "Oh brother, this time I am going to actually digest you. With mom and dad not here, they can not stop me. I can digest you in one week for sure. Now just shush and sit still. I need to focus on digestion to make it seem like you were eaten by wildlife."

So I would be, food to my sister. It is what I thought. Somewhat glad to be food now, I just accepted it. She worked hard too. She got a good amount of acid on me and into my skin. This was after two days of her concentrating. Some how still alive, she suddenly yelped. Now I could not hear anything due to her stomach gurgling so much with me inside, but it seems this was a test for her. She failed due to eating me with intent of digestion. I felt myself getting lurched up from my fleshy prison. I would be spit out, my clothing mainly gone. My parents would be ready, surprisingly. They would start to neutralize the acid with a cream. I would also see my sister eating something else. What I do not know as I would then pass out from being brought back into the world of light. Almost wish she did what you are going to do to me.

Next would be...
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