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Vore Beach - Page 46 - See a slightly overwheight girl - By SeymourButts759 - Overview
You find your interest piqued by a noticeably stuffed young woman walking along the beach. After getting a bit closer, it becomes clear that her stomach is occupied as she plays with it a little.

Your curiosity gets the best of you and you approach the womam, hoping to find out what she's doing with such a full stomach. You lose the question to her in a rather blunt fashion, but thankfully she responds in a friendly manner.

"Oh, I'm just holding on to a good friend of mine that was... a little obsessed with the idea of being inside of me. It was a strange last request, but there was no way I could turn her down!"

Her tone suddenly becomes rather suggestive as she eyes you for a moment.

"Say, my friend was a pred just like me, and she asked that while I digest her that I look around for any... last meals that she could have in here. And I have to admit, you would fill that role wonderfully! I can't help but salivate a little just looking at you... So, I'll pose a blunt question to you as well; want to be lunch for both me and my friend here?"
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