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Vore Beach - Page 44 - He Takes More Than A Taste - By Robotdocter - Overview
As you close your eyes while the teen gropes your chest, he suddenly grips down harder, causing you to moan and reopen your eyes.

You open your eyes to see the boy's dripping maw approaching your face, mere seconds before it engulfs your head.

You struggle for a moment, yet after realizing he wouldnt be giving up, you relent, going limp in his arms as he swallows you.

He takes his time with his meal, savoring your breasts like you knew he would, before moving onto your stomach, pausing only briefly to invade your navel with his tongue.

He eventually gets to your legs, chewing on them slightly as if they were large drumsticks before slurping up the rest like spaghetti.

he takes the time to lick across the soles of your feet, causing you to laugh inside his stomach, before slurping up your toes so they can join you in your fleshy prison.

You start to hear and feel the stomach around you bubbling even before he finishes swallowing your feet, and before long almost all the air in the stomach rises upwards and is released.


You hear him let out a massive belch at the same time that the temporary prison surrounding you becomes almost vacuum tight, which you can assume makes your body even more visible upon the teen's own.

He pats you on the head before you feel him start to passively run his hands all over his stomach and, by consequence, your own body as you lay back in the tightly packed stomach.
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