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The Hungry Ninja - Page 206 - Back to the Battle - By Nobodyman - Overview
Temari and Sakura attempted to gather themselves, preparing for whatever their next step may be. Marunomi, meanwhile, was somewhat surprised by Temari's earlier maneuver, but mostly disappointed at having been deprived of her meal.

"Aww, spoilsport", she said as the beam retreated back into the Behemoth's Tongue. "Ruining a perfectly good meal." Her stomach began to groan in hunger. "See? You made my tummy upset," she said as she began to stroke it, as if to settle it down. "Oh well, it'll just make you all the more delicious when I do eat you."

Trying to ignore Marunomi's words, Temari thought about what the best strategy would be. It was now clear that the Behemoth's Tongue was a dangerous weapon in Marunomi's hands and, while she was still not entirely sure what it did, she knew Marunomi could not be allowed to use it. Their instructions had been to bring the Tongue back intact, but with them down one teammate and Marunomi proving to be a formidable foe, Temari wondered if it might be best to go with the relatively simpler task of destroying it.

*What does Temari decide?
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