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Uninvited Visitor - Page 311 - Try to explain - By TheHungryTiger - Overview
You try to explain that it was an accident! You huffed. It was a misunderstanding, you didn’t mean to do anything, and I didn’t think she’d shoot you with a gun that turns you into a slime. Your body began gurgling, it seems like you are hungry.

Your words only seem to confirm what she's heard. She pauses for a moment before announcing that this is your last warning. Leave now, or she’ll make you leave.

As she says this, she spins the dog tag on her collar. Suddenly, her body starts growing, until she twice the size she was before. Her tattered clothes fall to the floor around her, until only her collar remains. Brown fur covers her body and her hands morph into claws.

At that moment, black smoke fills the room. When it clears you see the shadow person from before, but there are four of them. Standing side-by-side with them is Flow, now in the form of a bear, standing on her hind legs. The shadow people are all brandishing weapons. The two in the front are wielding swords, the one to the back right is holding ninja stars, and the one to the back left seem to be fiddling with what seems to be a ray-gun, similar the one the turned you into a slime. It seems like she doesn’t know how to use it quite yet.
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