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A Vore-Torn World - Page 233 - He’s Lunch - By PurpSoul - Overview
You sniff a few times, and the predatory instincts intensify. He was MEANT to be eaten, made to die, in your gut. He DESERVES to be shit, your shit. He deserves this death, and you deserve this meal. Stacy can get fucked.

You take a few steps towards him, glowering lustfully at him. He cowers back, taking quick shallow breaths. Stacy stands up, keeping a grip on his arm, and begins to move around the desk. You take the chance and seize the boy by the collar, yanking him away from his mother with a snarl.

“M-miss Grueller!” Stacy protests frantically, reaching for the boy. You back away from her, holding the weasel in your hands.

“M-mom?” He whimpers, squirming in your grasp. You eye him with pure, malicious intent. Your thick lips part and your fat tongue slaps out as you take a long, slobbery taste of his face. You grunt in ecstasy, breathing hot, smelly air across his face. “Mom!” He gasps, terrified.

“P-p-please, Miss Grueller,” Stacy begs, holding out her hands. “Please, no, n-not him... anyone but him, not my boy,” she cries, tears spilling over her cheeks. You ignore her, moaning as you lick him again.

“U-uck, no!” He sobs, squirming in terror. You tear his shirt away and yank off his pants, leaving him naked and eliciting a wail from both mother and son. Your lips part again, and this time you chomp suddenly down over his head, sinking your teeth into his shoulders. He screeches in pain and Stacy screams in horror, grabbing him by the feet.

“Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!” She wails, sobbing uncontrollably as she fights to free her son. You suck on him, slurping the flavor down, assaulting him with your tongue, chewing into his soft flesh. You swallow and bite down again, then again, forcing the screaming boy down your gullet. With a growl you rip him away from Stacy, who falls to the ground in a shaking, defeated lump. You seize him buy each of his thighs and push him deeper, tearing into his bootie with your teeth, savoring the flavor as you suck him down. After pulling off his cheap flip flops, you grab him by his feet and push him into your mouth, gulping aggressively. You can feel him thrashing and screaming in your tummy already. Your cheeks bulge with his feet, only his toes protruding. In a moment of smug cruelty, you kick Stacy over into her back and force her to watch the final, agonizing swallow.

You heave a satisfied sigh and grin a toothy grin. Stacy raises up on her hands and knees, placing her hands on your wobbling gut. “Pleeeease,” she gasps, desperate and horrified. “Miss Grueller... Miss Grueller, my boy...”

“I think you mean MY boy,” you snap, your smile fading as your amusement turns to disgust. You’ve never had a lot of respect for Stacy, but seeing her groveling on the ground like a male makes you sick. “Get up,” you spit. “Act like a woman, for fuck’s sake. He disobeyed you, he deserves this.”

“Waaaaaarrrrggh!” the runt wails from inside you.
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