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ravinous digimon revival - Page 110 - swallows tai whole - By Nocturn - Overview
Lowering Tai to his mouth, Agumon licks at his trainer's face, enjoying the taste of sweat and human boy: he is suddenly reminded of the meat he used to eat before meeting Tai.

Now he's sure, he wants his friend to go to a special place: he wants Tai, in his belly.

"Yummy," whispers Agumon, taking a soft nibble at Tai's nose, licking him all over. wrapping his mouth around Tai's head, Agumon gulps hard, feeling Tai sigh with contentment as he slowly slides down into Agumon's stomach.

After the head comes that bare chest: so tasty and so meaty that Agumon can't help, but tenderise the meat with his teeth: all those times he'd asked Tai for food and now his friend, his lover was now his meal.

"Are you enjoying this Agumon?"

The sound of Tai's voice as Agumon comes to the waist is a shock, but nevertheless, he replies..
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