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ravinous digimon revival - Page 106 - Agumon is getting hungry, he wants another victim for his belly! - By Nocturn - Overview
After examining Agumon's poop, Tai looked up and saw a young boy coming toward him. Augmon has wondered off somewhere and he didn’t know where he went. The boy took Tai away to a secluded area where there were a ton of burgers and steaks there waiting for him.

“Now eat up.” The boy said.

He tied Tai down and started to feed him. He made sure that he ate everything and left nothing behind. Tai complied and ate all the boy gave him. There had to be at least 400 burgers and steaks there for him to eat. The boy kept feeding him and stopped only periodically to let Tai. He was pleased at how far they gotten already and knew it would be a couple hours before he eats everything he had prepared. When they stop the boy stopped, he rubbed Tai’s belly to comfort him a bit so he could eat a little more.

“That’s it Tai, get nice and fat for your Digimon.” The boy said.

Tai didn’t know what he meant by that but just kept eating the burgers and steaks as they are fed to him. Tai was unable to plead with his capture to let him go but he just ignored him. He fed him burger after burger after burger without stopping until he fed him all the burgers. He let Tai rest a bit and measured his belly. By now, Tai was getting quite big and looking too good not to eat. They boy noticed that the chair was starting to give way under the now large boy but it didn’t concern him.

“Now to finish everything.” The boy said.

They boy stuffed Tai the remaining steaks and loved how fat he got. The chair gave way under Tai sending him falling to the ground hitting it with a thud. The boy covered Tai with whip cream and sprinkles before bringing out Agumon. He forced the Digimon to eat Tai and he did. Tai didn’t like this but couldn’t do anything. When he was completely eaten, Agumon sighed and rubbed his swollen belly. The boy disappeared and Agumon went on with the day.
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