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ravinous digimon revival - Page 105 - Closely examine your fresh poop - By Nocturn - Overview
Still blushing, he moans softly. "I would, really love, if I could closely examine... That fresh, beautiful poop of yours, Agumon..."
Agumon blinks a moment, staring at Tai, not hardly daring to believe that Tai found his taking a poop THIS sexy and arousing... But then he slowly smirks, and giggles as he proudly stands up, and steps over to stand just to the side of his still steaming pile. "Oooo, you want to look at it, nice and close Tai?" He smirks, and licks his lips seductively. "Mmmm, you remember how that boy looked, when I was first eating him? How he used to look, before?" He giggles, then puffs his chest, and that sexy, plump, rounded, now freshly empty, belly of his out quite proudly. "Murr, well, if you want to you can come over, and see what I've done with him! See how that naughty boy looks, now that I've had my use of him!"
Tai murrs, and shivers, blushing and moaning in desire, just loving how proud, show-offy, and, predatorily uncaring, Agumon is being right now. He murrs, as he slides off his bed, and crawls over, moaning as he kneels down very close to that fairly large, still very warm, steaming, potent smelling pile of Agumon's very fresh poop!
He murrs quietly to himself, giggling bashfully, thinking back to when they were back in the Digi-world... Of how he used to subtly sneak off, to admire Agumon's poop now and again, when he was sure his partner wouldn't catch him. And now, here he is, admiring it openly, and doing it to apparantly, much the delight of Agumon!
Tai trembled, gasping quietly, as he took in the thick, humid, putrid, powerful scent of Agumon's wastes. As he looked carefully at the logs of his poop, he could see that there were several bones lodged in the thick goop. Bleached, smooth, shiny arm bones, a couple ribs. Tai shivered, as he saw a small, skeletized hand, limply stuck to the side of one of Agumon's turds. It looked like the owner had been grasping desperately for help, for mercy... Before his hand went limp, and was uncaringly passed through Agumo's gut.
Also mixed into the mire, were several strands and clumps of slimy, messy looking hair, and extremely soiled rags here and there. There wasn't anything that would really identify who this used to be.
Tai moaned in desire, trembling, as he basked in this sight, loving to get such a good look, at the handiwork of Agumon's sexy, hungry, absolutely merciless belly! He murrred, continuing to take a very deep, careful, eager look...

Agumon smirks to himself, giggling as he watches Tai admiring his poop pile so, happily, eagerly, and lewdly. He moaned, as he softly stroked over his smooth, quite sexy belly; still feeling lots of pleasure at the thought of what he did to that boy, of how long that human youth squirmed, struggled, and suffered in the depths of his quite predatory gut. He smirked, trying to decide what he wants to do with Tai now...
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