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ravinous digimon revival - Page 104 - Clean your messy tailhole - By Nocturn - Overview
He murrrrs, still blushing furiously, "Mmmm, I would really love... If perhaps, I could be your official... Toilet paper? Be the one, responsible, for cleaning that, incredibly gorgeous, perfect butt of yours, after each poop?"
Agumon murrrs and blushes furiously, looking quite embarrassed, and excited! He murred, as he turned, looking back at his rump, which was still facing in Tai's direction. He giggled, as he wiggled it a little at Tai, swaying that thick, meaty, muscular, plump, gorgeous rump at him seductively. "Mmm, you want to clean my messy hole up, Tai? You want to lick off that mess that naughty boy made, when he was sliding out of me? Murr... well, if that's really what you want!"
With a soft, lewd, eager moan, Agumon bent over, those firm, sexy cheeks of his spreading apart, revealing even more of that very tight, wrinkled, virgin, perfect tailhole of his! Tai gasped in desire, trembling, as he slowly got onto his knees, slowly crawling over towards Agumon, staring most intently at that sexy tailhole of his. He trembled, blushing furiously, feeling so incredibly aroused... At the thought of finally getting to worship, clean, and tend, to Agumon's very sexy rear-end! He shivered, as he saw small chunks of Agumon's poop stuck in the wrinkled folds of his tailhole, a few strands of human hair stuck in the goop, as well as what looks like a small button... Perhaps from the boy's shirt? The smell was quite intense, smelling so very strong of Agumon's musky scent, the scent of his masculinity, his sweat, of bygone farts, and, most prominently of all, the scent of that still very fresh waste that is staining his gorgeous hole.
Tai murrrs, and gasps, as he watches that anus squeeze, flex, and pucker in his direction so sexily, gently, and enticingly... It's almost as if Agumon's hole were trying to seduce him to tend to it, to pleasure it, and to treat it, as it deserves... He shivers, moaning as he thinks of that boy, whose life was uncaringly melted away by this very sexy digimon, of how Agumon very casually, and uncaringly, pushed the remains of that human out of this very gorgeous hole right before his eyes... Growling in desire, Tai leaned forwards, moaning in desire, as he starts to passionately, eagerly, kiss at that hot, tight, messy hole.

Agumon gasps, as he feels Tai's firm lips kiss against that tailhole of his. He murrrs, then groans, gently squeezing his cheeks around Tai's face. He murrred, then gasped again, as he felt the soft, warm, tender texture of Tai's tongue, starting to draw itself over his tailhole, starting to slowly, happily, lick, worship, and clean at his asshole. He moans quietly, not really wanting to admit that he's really starting to like the idea that humans are, his... That they are there, to give up their lives when his belly gets hungry and empty. Ohhh, he loved it so much, when he felt that boy squirming, writhing, and struggling inside his belly for such a very long time as he was being digested. And, he loves having his ass tended to like this, being personally cleaned and groomed... He knows that Tai's cleaning, and kissing, his tailhole is an expression of his love for him, of his desire, his lusts, and his worship, of his very sexy partner Agumon. He is starting to really believe, that this is how things are supposed to be... With humans either feeding, or serving, him like this!
Agumon murrrs, and smirks naughtily, giggling as he thinks over what he could do right now... He murrrrs, loving the idea of sitting on Tai's face, his head, while he is worshipping his ass right now. He loves the idea of turning Tai, and his face especially, into his official seat cushion... He moans, loving how dominant, naughty, and wonderful, that would feel, to use Tai for his comfort, to press his weight on him whenever he feels like sitting down...
Of course, he could tease, and seduce, Tai as well... Who knows, perhaps he could seduce Tai enough, to make him want to offer himself to Agumon... To want to belong to him, to be his slave.. To offer, everything he has, to Agumon! Agu murrrrs in pleasure, loving the thought of having Tai all to himself, of having him to use, for all the ways that would bring him so very much pleasure!
He murrrs, trying hard to decide which he wants to do...
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