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ravinous digimon revival - Page 102 - Tai loved it - By Nocturn - Overview
Tai moans in delight as he stares down at Agumon, trembling in desire, a very firm, powerful, pulsing arousal between his legs as he stares very intently at Agumon; who is bending over, examining his own fresh, steaming, gorgeous turds. He murrrs, blushing, as he finds himself staring most intently at Agumon's rump. Staring at those firm, muscular, scaley, orange cheeks of his... and of course, at that dark, very tight, wrinkled, quite messy tailhole of his!
Tai murrs, blushing to himself, thinking that it was perhaps the most sexy thing he's ever seen in his life... Watching Agumon devour that boy, laying with him as he listened to the sounds of that person being slowly, cruelly, mercilessly digested alive inside of Agumon's very sexy, soft, plump belly. And, just now, watching Agumon uncaringly, sexily, seductively, poop out all the used up remains of his first living victim!
"Ohhhh, Agumon, that was, soooo incredibly sexy! Mmm... you are, the sexiest, hottest, most seductive guy I could ever hope for..." He murrs, and blushes beet red. "Mm, Agumon? Could, we do this kind of thing, all the time? Please?"
Agumon murrs, and beams, giggling in sheer delight, so happy that Tai is enjoying this. Is enjoying, his new found predatory natures and desires! "Oooo, I would really love to, Tai! It would be so much fun, to eat people with you! To have you feed me! And..." he giggles, "To have you listen to them inside my belly, and, to watch me poop them back out!" He murrrs, beaming very eagerly at Tai, looking all too excited to start enjoying themselves today!
Tai murrs, blushing still, "Mmm, well, Agumon... Would it be ok if..."
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