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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 99 - The Witch's Sabbath - By knt27 - Overview
Sam and Hannah enter the clearing to the sound of pounding drums and laughter. A gigantic bonfire roars and crackles at the center of the celebration, casting the gruesome scene in lurid orange and yellow light. Headmistress Jade, Ms. Greene, Coach Hunter, and Head Librarian Wardwell are completely naked, their distended bellies jiggling and bouncing as they dance around the fire. Whimpers and screams emanate from their guts, and the cries of their prey blend together to form a tormented chorus of dying schoolboys. Hannah gapes at the scene, excitement written plainly on her face.

The headmistress spots the two girls and waves them over. The older woman carries herself with the kind of confidence that only comes with age. Her hair is tied back into a bun, a single streak of white standing out dramatically from her otherwise jet-black locks. A small mole just to the left of her nose gives her sharp features a slightly exotic and aristocratic air. Her full bosom rests atop a bulging gut, and the pale skin of her stomach is stretched so tightly that it's practically translucent. Headmistress Jade strokes her swollen belly absently as her prey writhes and screams within.

“Sister Samantha James! I see you finally put that 'best friend' of yours in his place. But who is this?” The older woman adjusts her glasses as she looks Hannah up and down appraisingly.

Hannah blushes and waves shyly, “Hannah Lee, ma'am.”

The headmistress turns sharply to Samantha, “Sister, you know the rules of the sabbath. The only proper sacrifice to the Feminine Divine is a virginal boy, aged eighteen years. Such as young Eric here.” She gestures to her belly, which promptly responds with a wet GuuuUUuuuRRrrrGle! “Our coven harvested the males of the chess team for tonight's sacrifice. Once we wipe their parents' memories, it will be as if these boys never existed at all. So I ask you again: what is this girl doing here?”

“She's not a sacrifice, Headmistress Jade. I already have my sacrifice right here.” Samantha squeezes her gut roughly, causing the walls of her stomach to painfully constrict around you. “Hannah's just here to enjoy the festivities. I gave her some of the lust-potion that we brewed last week, so she'll be tons of fun!”

Headmistress Jade nods once, “Very well.” The severe woman's expression softens as she turns to Hannah, “You are welcome to join our ritual, Miss Lee. Any daughter of lust is a true sister in my eyes.” Hannah blushes at this strange compliment. “Now come. Let us dance before the orgy begins!” The Headmistress loops an arm around Miss Greene's curvaceous waist as she passes, and the two women spin to the beat of the drum. Miss Greene's dark brown skin contrasts strikingly against the Headmistress's pale white body as they writhe and grind against each other. Coach hunter whirls around them, her blonde hair whipping about as she beats a small drum etched with runes. Gurgling shrieks of agony can be faintly heard from within the cross-country coach's belly. Laughing wildly, Sam and Hannah shed their clothes and join the dancing witches.

The slimy walls of Samantha's belly ruthlessly grind against you as she dances, causing your skin to become raw and painful. You whimper in dismay and stroke your erect cock, desperately seeking one final orgasm before you die. You picture yourself jiggling on Sam's tits... reduced to a bit of fat on your best friend's body... turned into waste and squeezed out of her plump backside. The thought causes your rigid penis to throb with desire, but you still can't cum. In the back of your mind, you know that Sam's hex will prevent you from ever cumming again... but you have to try! Stomach acid lubricates your grip and your hand rapidly slides up and down your swollen shaft. The resulting mixture of pain and pleasure is like nothing you could have ever imagined. You continue to masturbate while your skin sloughs away in sheets and your hair falls out. Soon, large chunks of flesh melt into the rising broth of acid and half-digested meat. A moment later, your penis collapses into slush beneath your grip. You cry out in horror as you desperately try to save the liquefied remnants of your cock. It's not fair! You wanted to cum! You wanted to-- you cup the slimy puddle of meat in your hand, but it just dribbles out between your fingers. Your testicles digest next, melting away with a hissing GLUURSHHH! A few seconds later, you begin to scream.

Somehow, you cling to consciousness for another hour or so. When the witches begin their orgy, you can hear Sam's moans and gasps of pleasure all around you. Her rapid and strong heartbeat surrounds you, even as your own heart flutters and struggles to keep pumping. Your body is a ruin of broken bones and digested meat. Through a red haze of agony, it occurs to you that you're going to die soon. You can't possibly last more than another few minutes... soon, you'll be nothing but a chunky stew of bile and digested man-meat.

The scene that unfolds around the bonfire is like something from your wildest wet dreams. The women writhe naked on the forest floor, licking and fingering each other passionately. The red-headed librarian buries her face between Hannah's legs while Miss Greene sits on the cheerleader's face. Coach Hunter masturbates as she watches the scene, and fondles the cheerleader's small breasts while she touches herself. Headmistress Jade buckles on a large black strapon dildo and begins to fuck Sam from behind, prompting a delighted squeal from your friend.

Miss Greene's meal is the first to die. The poor boy lets out one final shriek of panic as the biology teacher cums, and then with a squish, he goes still. Head Librarian Wardwell's prey expires next. His desperate pleas for mercy are suddenly cut short by a loud CRUNCH followed by a wet SQUELCH. The boy is crushed to a pulp beneath the red-headed woman's weight as she licks Hannah's pussy. Coach Hunter's meal dies more slowly, his screams fading into a prolonged gurgle... and then silence. The headmistress presses her gut roughly against Sam, prompting a wordless sob from the boy within. She smiles cruelly when the boy begins to choke and sputter on stomach acid, his cries slowly fading into wet bubbling croaks. And then with a loud, GuuuUUuuuRRrrGLE, her meal stops moving. At last, you're the only meal left alive. The world spins and blurs as your body stops functioning, but you desperately cling to life, unwilling to give up just yet.

The headmistress strokes Sam's gut thoughtfully, “Shall we finish the ritual, or--?”

Sam shakes her head, “I have something special in mind for him.” She leans close and whispers something into Headmistress Jade's ear.

The older woman stifles a giggle, “Oh, you are cruel, sister. Very well. But let us deal with the other boys first. Gather round sisters.”

The witches form a circle, grasping each other's hands tightly. Hannah looks uncertain for a moment, but joins in when Sam and the headmistress beckon to her. The women close their eyes and chant together,

“Lady Lilith and Queen Titania we beseech thee,
Grant us power, beauty, and immortality.”

The headmistress speaks the next few lines of the incantation alone.

“In the name of the feminine divine we pray,
In the name of our hunger we eat and we slay.
Lady Lilith and Queen Titania we invoke thee.”

The fire crackles and rages higher, the flames flickering and dancing with strange colors. The ground rumbles, and then countless shooting stars start to streak across the night sky. Dark crimson smoke thickens and gathers above the witches' heads. Suddenly, the smoke clears, revealing two gorgeous women that hover a few feet above the bonfire. One woman appears to be an athletic and graceful warrior. A pattern of tattoos decorates her deeply tanned skin, covering one shoulder and part of her scalp. Her hair is light golden, almost white in its pallor, and is styled in a partially shaved undercut. Aside from a knee-high set of fine leather boots, she's completely nude. The other woman has bright red skin that is slick and shining with sweat. Long curving horns protrude from her head. Her silky black hair is pulled into a high ponytail. This demonic woman wears only a leather harness that leaves an indecent amount of skin exposed and boot leggings with razor sharp heels.

The demoness speaks first, her voice practically dripping with sex, “Servants of darkness, why have you called us?”

The warrior woman nods at the demoness, “Come now, Lilith. Can't you see that they've brought us sacrifices?”

“I was merely being formal, Titania.” Lilith's mouth twists into a sadistic grin as she gazes down at the witches. “What souls have you brought us on this night of power?”

The headmistress bows her head, “Mighty ones. We have devoured and slain four virginal boys in your names tonight. We offer you their souls as sacrifice.”

Titania laughs wildly, “Hahaha! And what fate shall befall these souls tonight, Lilith? Eternal torment, or nonexistence? What is your pleasure this evening?”

Lilith's toothy smile widens, “Nonexistence. Let us digest the souls of these mortal boys and erase them from this world and the next.”

Titania nods, “Very well.” She speaks her next words in perfect unison with Lilith, “We accept this sacrifice. Our power unto you, sisters of the night.”

With these words, a glowing blue light forms around each witch's belly except Samantha's. The lights coalesce into the translucent features of young men, confusion and fear etched plainly on their ghostly faces. Lilith and Titania open their mouths wide, and a cold wind blows through the clearing. The ghostly boys are caught by the wind and pulled toward the two Goddesses. They flicker in panic as the demoness and fairy queen swallow them one by one. After her lips close behind the last ghost, Lilith lets out a dainty belch. And with that, the two Goddesses disappear in a flash of crimson smoke.

The headmistress stretches languidly, “Oh sisters, I can feel power coursing through me!” She shivers, a look of ecstasy on her face, “But our dark deeds are not yet done. Gather round Sister Samantha James... her boy still lives.”

Your thoughts are fuzzy, but you think that the witches are talking about you. It's hard to focus... you just want it to stop... to be over already.

The headmistress whispers instructions to each woman of the coven, and soon they gather in front of Sam. Sam grins and pokes her belly roughly, “Hey, you still alive in their dude? If you've got any last words, now's the time.” You manage a weak gurgle in response. “Hahaha! That's what I thought. Now... I think it's time we showed you your proper place in the world.”

The coven of witches laugh wickedly, and each woman places a hand on Sam's swollen belly. Hannah hesitates for a second, but after a moment of consideration, she also places her palm against Sam's gut.
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