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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 98 - Gobbled up by a Witch - By knt27 - Overview
Hannah tightly binds your limbs with scarves from Sam's closet. You struggle against your bonds, but it's no use. You go limp, utterly defeated by the two girls. Sam crouches over you and takes hold of your erect penis, toying with it thoughtfully.

“Hmmm... head first, or feet first?” She rolls your balls back and forth in her palm, “What do you think, Han?”

Hannah kneels beside you and strokes your cheek affectionately, “Feet first for sure. I totally wanna watch his expression while you eat him. Plus, I might sit on his face for a bit.” You're chilled by the sudden shift in Hannah's demeanor. Two minutes ago, she was clearly horrified by Sam's actions. But now her words practically drip with lust, and she seems breathlessly excited by the idea of watching Sam kill you.

Samantha lets out a bright tinkling laugh, “Hahaha! Feet first it is then.” She lowers her head and licks your shaft from base to tip. You shiver, your entire body tense with need. “Yummy!” Your friend shimmies down your body until her lips are pressed against the bottoms of your feet. You shut your eyes, your heart hammering wildly in your chest... this is it. Sam's about to swallow you alive, and you're helpless to stop her. Her jaw pops softly as it unhinges, and the wet grip of her mouth slides over your toes.

You begin to struggle and shout, “No! Please!”

Hannah's perfectly shaved pussy fills your vision at it descends on your head, the smooth lips of her vulva dripping with desire. The cheerleader sighs as she settles onto your face, her loins drenching you in seconds. Her musky scent invades your nostrils as she rubs herself against you. You can't breathe! You thrash beneath her, but Hannah only gasps in pleasure and squeezes your head painfully between her muscular thighs. Instinctively, you stick your tongue out and begin to lap at the silky folds of her sex. Hannah responds by allowing you a few gasps of air in between licks.

By the time that you bring the cheerleader to climax, Sam is up to your knees. You can already feel her inner chamber churning against your feet, coating them in slimy gobs of stomach acid that ooze between your toes.

Hannah slides off of your face and looks down at you dreamily. “Wow! That was... mmmm.” She hums in satisfaction and shivers. “Oh wow... you look so scared. So helpless. So...” She bites her lips, clearly aroused by the alternating looks of panic and lust on your face. Her lips twist into a mischievous grin as she takes hold of your cock and guides it between her legs. You groan as your manhood slides into her. The cheerleader cries out wildly as she rides you, her hips rocking rhythmically as she bounces up and down on your cock. A tear rolls down your cheek as you realize that this is going to be your first and last time having sex. You're being raped by the hottest and meanest cheerleader at school. The thought is simultaneously depressing and perversely exciting.

Sam's lips slide over your thighs, her tongue wriggling against your bare flesh as she draws closer to your waist. Your cock aches with need, and your entire body is rigid with desire... but you can't cum. You arch your back and moan, perpetually frozen on the verge of orgasm. But Sam's curse holds true, and release never comes. The sensation is both agonizing and exquisite. Hannah lets out a long moan as she cums again. You whimper pathetically when she dismounts, your swollen and throbbing penis sliding out of her pussy with a wet sound.

Sam greedily swallows the rest of your legs. SLUUURRRP! GULP! SHLUP! GULP! She stops when she reaches the base of your cock, pausing to lather your balls with her tongue. You stare into your friend's ice blue eyes, searching for some glimmer of compassion. But her gaze is cold and sadistic. She doesn't see you as a person anymore... to Sam, you're just food. A plaything to use and discard. In a moment of clarity, you realize that your best friend is pure evil... and you've never been more attracted to her in your life.

Samantha winks at you and then swallows your penis with a sloppy SLUUURRRP! GULP! The slippery walls of her throat undulate sensually against your erection as peristalsis draws it deeper into her gullet. You moan and writhe helplessly as Sam continues swallowing, her lips soon sliding over your abs and ribcage. The sensation of being swallowed is more intense than you could have ever imagined. Your lower body is tightly cocooned within a hot and slippery prison of flesh. Sam's body churns, drips, and pulses around you. The sheer physicality of the experience is overwhelming. You desperately wriggle your hips, rubbing your erection against the slick walls of Sam's stomach. You whimper, still unable to cum.

As Sam's lips slide over your nipples and up to your neck, Hannah crouches beside you. The cheerleader twirls one of her platinum blonde pigtails between her fingers as she looks at you. Her pupils are still dilated from the magic lust-potion. She starts to laugh when she sees the expression on your face.

“Hahaha! Ohmygod, you're like, totally boning the inside of her stomach right now, aren't you? You are such a horny little dweeb.”

“Hannah... please. Don't let her do this to me. I don't want to die!”

“I've never actually watched anyone die before. I know it's like, totally twisted or whatever, but I'm pretty fucking excited!” She slips a hand beneath the skirt of her barmaid costume and begins to finger herself. “Sam's just so... dominant, you know? It's fucking hot watching her just take whatever she wants.” Hannah rubs the hard pearl of her clit, gasping out her next words, “Ahh! You should just-- mmMMm-- enjoy it while you can. Ooohhh!”

Samantha's lips slowly slide over your chin, her tongue writhing against the back of your neck. “Hannah, please! I'm begging you! I don't want to--- MMMFFF!” Your last words are cut off as Sam's lips pass over your mouth. In a matter of seconds, your entire head is inside of her maw. You choke and sputter as saliva drips and pools all around you. And then, with a loud GULP, your head is squeezed into the slimy tunnel of her throat. You struggle to breathe as the slippery passage of flesh squeezes and contracts against your head in waves.

Sam sits up to finish swallowing you, your arms sticking out of her mouth comically. Hannah leans forward, her eyes wide and fascinated. She curiously places her palm against the large lump in Sam's throat and giggles when she feels the vibrations of your screams. GULP! Hannah's hand follows your head as it moves down your friend's neck and disappears. With a few more slurps and gulps, your arms disappear down her gullet as well. Sam's lips close around your fingers, and then with one final swallow, you're gone.

Hannah stares in wonder at Sam's gigantic belly. Your writhing form causes the taught skin of Sam's gut to bulge strangely every time you move. Caught up in the moment, the cheerleader leans forward and presses her lips against Sam's. You friend gently cups the back of Hannah's head and kisses her back. For the next few minutes, the two girls passionately make out with each other, their tongues eagerly exploring each other's mouths. Sam suddenly breaks off the kiss and raises her finger in a “hold on a second” gesture.

“BOOOoooOOUUUuuuuRRRrrrRRPPP!!!!” Sam lets out a long and thunderous belch, right into Hannah's face. The two girls are still for a moment, and then break out into uncontrollable bouts of laughter.

A minute later, after composing herself once more, Hannah looks questioningly at Sam, “So, uh... what now? Do we go to the dance?”

“Mmm... there'll be dancing, sure. But we're not going to the Halloween dance tonight.”

“We aren't? Then where are we going?”

Sam grins darkly, “Into the Faybrook Woods!” Despite the effects of the lust-potion, Hannah still shivers slightly at the suggestion. Sam uses the leash to pull her closer, candlelight flickering across her features ominously, “It's Samhain, and the faculty coven are holding a witch's sabbath in the woods tonight. We're going to an orgy!”

Hannah's expression instantly brightens at the prospect, “On orgy? Like, with more witches? That's kinda scary...” She bites her lip and sighs, “And also really fucking hot. God I'm so fucking horny!”

Sam strokes her cheek, “I'm sure the headmistress will be more than happy to help with your... condition. But a bit of advice... don't say the G-word at the sabbath.”


“Don't say 'God.' From now on, you have to say 'Goddess' instead.”

Hannah rolls her eyes, “Fine. Goddess I'm so fucking horny!”

“Much better.”

Sam stands up carefully, her legs straining to support your weight. Her belly wobbles and jiggles with every movement, threatening to unbalance the young witch at any moment. As she gains her feet, she twists her fingers into a series of strange symbols and mutters, “Might of giants grant me power, strength of bull and beauty of flower.” She steadies herself and stands tall, no longer struggling to hold up her massive gut. “Ah. Much better. Now, I'll be needing this for later...” She grabs a roll of toilet paper from her dresser and stuffs it into her cloak. “Alright, come on, Hannah.” She pulls on the cheerleader's leash, drawing her to her feet. The two girls leave the dorm room together, unconcerned with their state of partial dress.

They don't encounter anyone else on their trip across campus, and soon they stand at the edge of the Faybrook Woods. A brisk wind whistles through the trees ahead of them as the sun dips below the horizon. The dying light dulls the brilliant colors of autumn to bruised tones, and the the forest ahead takes on an ominously dark presence. But through a gap in the trees, they spot the flickering orange light of a bonfire. And then they catch the high and wild sound of feminine laughter. Hand in hand, the two girls step into the darkness of the forest.

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