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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 97 - Seasoned and Hexed - By knt27 - Overview
What the hell are you doing?! You're not going to season yourself! Fantasizing about becoming your friend's meal is one thing, but you're not going to casually throw your life away like that. You jut your chin out defiantly and shake your head.

“No, Sam. Let us go.” You glance at Hannah and try to reassure her with your eyes. “You've had your fun, now let's go to the dance and forget about all this.”

Sam pouts exaggeratedly, “Aw, you're no fun.” She yanks on Hannah's leash, pulling her close. “What do you think, Han? Should I just let him go?” Sam slips a hand beneath Hannah's skirt and squeezes her ass. “You know, I'm awfully hungry. And if I don't eat him...” She licks her lips meaningfully, “Well, then who knows who I'll have for dinner instead. So... what do you think? Should I let him live?”

Hannah stares into Samantha's ice blue eyes fearfully, her body rigid in your friend's grip. After a long moment, the cheerleader shakes her head once. “No. You should definitely eat him.” Your heart sinks at her betrayal. So much for escaping together.

Sam beams at the leashed cheerleader, a wide grin on her face, “So there we have it. You've been outvoted. Sorry... you're still on tonight's menu, dude.”

This can't be how things end! You've got to find a way out of here! You look around Sam's room frantically. Your eyes come to rest on a window set high on the wall. The opening is small, just wide enough to crawl through... it might be your only chance. You launch yourself across Sam's room without a second thought, vaulting over her bed athletically. You reach a hand up, unlatch the window, and throw the glass panes open. You can make it! You start to climb through the opening, but are immediately repelled by a flash of green light. Everything goes black for a moment, and you fall back onto Sam's bed, stunned and dizzy.

“Hahaha! How stupid do you think I am? I sealed the entire room with that spell, dummy. You're stuck in here with me.” You try to respond, but you're still dazed from hitting your head against her magic force-field. Sam casually walks over to her night stand and pulls out a bottle of olive oil and shakers of salt and pepper. She hums quietly to herself as she drizzles the oil over your prone form. You want to protest, but the world still spins crazily around you. Samantha begins to rub the oil across your bare skin, indelicately working it into every crevice. Your breath catches when she takes hold of your erect manhood, and the world suddenly comes into sharp focus. A groan of desire escapes your lips as she twists her fingers around your swollen shaft, completely coating it in olive oil. “You exist to nourish my body. It's your destiny. Without me, your life is meaningless. Without me, you're just another pervy loser.” Her hand continues to pump up and down along the length of your oiled erection. “Alive, you're just another pathetic dweeb. But dead...” She squeezes one of her breasts and moans, oil coating her nipple and causing it to glisten in the candlelight. “ get to become a part of something more powerful and beautiful than you could ever imagine. I thought you were ready to accept your true purpose.” Sam leans forward, her enormous tits now hovering inches from your face as she jerks you off. You stare at them, imagining yourself as a part of her body. If she has her way with you, you'll be dead and forgotten, just a bit of fat on your best friend's chest. The thought is almost painfully erotic. You arch your back and prepare to cum, but Sam pulls her hand back suddenly. You whimper, still desperate for release. “But clearly I was wrong. Even after everything I've done to prepare you, you're still not willing to accept your destiny. Too bad. You're gonna die either way.” She sprinkles salt and pepper over your naked body as she speaks, “I was planning on letting you cum before you die, but now I've got something different in mind.”

Your senses begin to return to you, and you struggle to sit up. Sam places a hand on your chest and roughly forces you back down. You squirm beneath her grip, but she's surprisingly strong for her size. With a sly smile, she reaches into a hidden pocket of her cloak and withdraws a tiny vial of pink liquid. She deftly uncorks the vial and dumps it on your cock in a single movement. The pink liquid hisses and steams as it drips down your oiled shaft, tingling pleasantly on your skin. Sam begins to chant in a resonant voice,

“I now perform the huntress rite,
This boy shall serve my appetite.
And though his mind may burn with lust,
At the thought of filling out my bust,
No release from desire shall he ever know,
The seed of his manhood shall never flow.”

Sam's full lips curl sensually around the last word of her incantation, and the pink liquid evaporates into steam. She bats at your erection teasingly and giggles, “There. That'll make the next few hours fun!”

“What did you just do to me?!”

She looks at you like you're an idiot, “Duh. I hexed your penis, dude. You're going to be, like, crazy horny... but you can't cum. Ever again.”

What?! Undo it!”

“I don't think so. Think of this as punishment for not serving yourself to me willingly. Besides, you're gonna be dead soon anyways.” She shrugs, “Cumming is just one less thing for you to live for.” She's right. The thought of never being able to experience sexual relief is... unbearable. You're already so horny that your cock practically aches. You can't imagine living like this.

And yet, something primal inside of you is unwilling to give up. Your animal brain recognizes your friend for the apex predator that she is, and it desperately wants to get away from her. You thrash beneath Sam's grip, trying to wriggle your way to freedom... and suddenly, you're free! The oil helped you slip away! You race for the door, your erect cock bouncing comically with every step.

And then you fall flat on your face. You look up to see Hannah staring down at you, an apologetic look on her face. It takes you a moment to realize that she tripped you.

“Hannah? Why?”

“Ugh, I'm sorry, okay? It's either you or me, and I'm totally too pretty to die.”

Sam slips an arm around Hannah's waist, “Thank, Han. I have something for you too.” She pulls another vial from her cloak, the liquid in this one a luminous amber color. Hannah recoils, but Sam holds her in place. “Don't worry, it won't hurt you. It's a love potion.” Hannah looks skeptical. “Well, a lust potion actually. But there's not much of a difference if you ask me. Trust me, this'll make the next few hours amazing for you. It's a little like doing molly, but more intense.”

She hands the vial to Hannah, who looks down at it thoughtfully. “It- It'll make me not care when he... when you...”

Sam laughs, “Hahaha! Not care? Girl, if you drink that, you're gonna enjoy watching him die.”

Hannah contemplates the vial for a long moment, and then throws the amber liquid back in a single swallow. The effect is immediate. All tension seems to leave her body at once, and she leans into Sam's embrace languidly. Her pupils dilate, but her gaze smolders with a kind of clear-eyed awareness. She absentmindedly tugs at the hem of her short skirt as she looks around the room. Her wide-eyed wonder almost makes it seem as if she's seeing everything for the very first time. She giggles innocently at the leering faces of the jack-o-lanterns, and then her mouth forms a little “oh” of delight when she spots your naked form on the floor. She drinks the sight of you in, practically violating you with her gaze. As she stares at you, she shifts her weight from side to side, rubbing her thighs together.

“Oh wow. This feels... amazing! Oh! Mmmmm....” She bites her lip, “Sam... can I fuck him while you, like, gobble him up or whatever?”

Sam beams at the cheerleader, “Of course! Trust me, Han. You haven't lived until you've fucked someone who knows they're about to die.”

Hannah squeals girlishly and claps her hands, clearly excited at the prospect of raping you while you're being devoured. Your eyes go wide and your stomach flutters nervously. This is bad. Very bad. Your thoughts race as you try to think of a way out of this situation, but nothing comes to mind. You're still trying to think of an escape plan when the girls advance on you. You try to crawl away, but Hannah grabs your legs and pulls you back. Sam places a heeled foot on your chest and painfully pins you to the ground. Your friend towers over you like a dark goddess, a triumphant expression on her face as she leers down at you. She rubs the slick lips of her vagina, and then slides two fingers inside of herself.

“We're gonna have some fun with you!”

You swallow dryly, your cock throbbing with arousal. This isn't good.
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