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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 95 - The Final Degradation (ending) - By knt27 - Overview
Sam pulls Steve into her room, already kissing him and tearing his costume off before she kicks the door shut. She effortlessly throws her boyfriend onto her bed, manhandling him with her supernaturally enhanced strength. Steve's eyes widen with surprise, but he doesn't complain about his treatment. The football player tugs his boxers off, and Sam squeals in delight as his erection springs forth. She licks her lips as she gazes upon his thick shaft, the rosy tip of his penis already glistening with pre-cum.

Samantha tosses her clothes aside and advances on Steve, swaying her hips exaggeratedly as she walks. Her gut wobbles and bounces with every step, and Hannah's muffled screams fill the small dorm room. Inside Sam's belly, acid rips at the cheerleader's naked flesh, having already dissolved her barmaid costume. Driven insane by the experience of being eaten, she continues to masturbate even as she digests.

Steve looks aside uncomfortably, “Uh... aren't you going going to take that thing off? It was kinda sexy at the dance, but now it's just... disturbing.”

Sam ignores his question, and instead climbs onto her bed and straddles him. Steve lets out a soft “oof” as the full weight of her gut settles onto his abdomen. The football player looks a little frightened for a moment, but his expression softens when Sam takes his hands and places them on her chest. Steve's breath comes quickly as he squeezes the soft skin of her heavy breasts, feeling her nipples harden beneath his palms. Satisfied with his compliance, Sam reaches a hand down and strokes the length of his erection, grinning when she feels his penis eagerly twitch beneath her fingers. With a low moan, she guides his swollen manhood into the silky folds of her sex and lowers herself onto his erect cock. She shudders at the intensity of the sensation... at the absolutely blissful feeling of fullness.

Over the next four hours, Samantha and Steve fuck until they're drenched in sweat. With each thrust of Steve's thick cock, another piece of Hannah's body collapses into slush. At first, the football player seems bothered by her high pitched shrieks of pain. But as he gives in to the heat of passion, he forgets about the disturbing sounds coming from Sam's “prosthetic” belly. By the time they're finished, Hannah is dead. Her remains mix with your own until the two of you are an indistinguishable sludge of meat and shattered bones. When Sam curls up next to her boyfriend and falls asleep, the two of you begin to slowly make your way through her bowels.

Samantha awakens just before sunrise the next morning. She stretches languidly, relishing the feeling of bed sheets against her naked skin. She pulls the covers back and looks down at her stomach. It's still almost twice as large as a beach ball, but she marvels at how soft and round it's become. Bloooorp. Glooop! Sam feels something large shift in her bowels, and a sudden pressure builds against her rectum. Her lips twist into an evil grin. It's time to let you and Hannah out.

Samantha slips out of bed, careful not to wake Steve, and pulls on her witch costume from the night before. She considers her bra and mini skirt for a moment, but tosses them aside in favor of a more “exposed” look. She grabs a roll of toilet paper as she heads for her door. Slinking out of her dorm room and through the dark empty hallways of the academy, Sam finally arrives at the front steps of the school. She smirks and nods when she sees the giant jack-o-lantern decorating the stairs... the enormous pumpkin almost comes up to her waist. It's perfect. Bloop! Squuuuiiirrrp!

Sam pokes her belly and giggles, “Hahaha! You two are about to become fucking legendary at this school. The faculty say I'm not supposed to leave any evidence when I digest someone, but I think they'll make an exception just this once.” She removes the top of the jack-o-lantern and sets it aside. With some difficulty, she climbs on top of the giant pumpkin and squats over the opening. Samantha grabs her plump ass cheeks and pulls them apart, her loins already dripping with excitement. She blushes as she feels her sphincter widen, and a shiver of pleasure runs down her spine.

Uuunfff!” The partially intact crown of a human skull emerges from her asshole. She pushes harder, and the rest of the skull drops into the jack-o-lantern with a thud, quickly followed by a grisly torrent of shit and bone fragments. It's like a plug has been pulled, and the rest of her bowel movement is a constant flow that splatters and plops into the pumpkin. Sam moans blissfully as she relieves herself, her gut slowly shrinking to its normal size as it's emptied of its contents. As one final bone fragment drops onto the steaming heap with a plop, Sam cums. She shudders and gasps, squeezing her bare breasts with both hands. When her orgasm subsides, she methodically cleans herself with toilet paper and hops off of the pumpkin.

Samantha stands back to admire her work. A lumpy mound of waste oozes from the jack-o-lantern's mouth and down the front steps of the school. Hannah's skull lies half-buried in shit, her hollow sockets staring vacantly into space. Your jawbone lies at Sam's feet, having rolled out of the jack-o-lantern's grinning mouth. The scene is horrifying, but Sam seems to think it's the funniest thing in the world. She laughs until tears run down her cheeks.

Hahahahaha! Fucking hell, dude... you and Hannah look great!” She runs a hand over her exposed curves and smirks, “Well, you two look even better on my thighs and ass, but that mound is pretty good too. My two best friends! Together forever! Hahahaha!” She wipes a tear from her cheek and stifles another giggle, “I guess this means I need a new best friend. Preferably someone with really good taste. Hahaha!” Sam continues laughing as she walks away.

As the morning sun rises, the girl's cross country team jogs up to the front steps of the school. Sally Cho is the first to spot the gruesome scene. The athletic Korean girl curiously approaches the giant pumpkin, thinking that maybe it's rotted overnight. When she realizes what she's looking at, she begins to scream. Your demise quickly becomes school legend. The chilling tale of the weird kid and the cheerleader who were eaten by... something. Everyone has a theory, but no one suspects the truth. After all, who could possibly suspect the girl that once called herself your best friend? The police fail to shed any light on the mystery, and drop the case suddenly after speaking with the headmistress. In fact, the authorities never seem to investigate disappearances at Faybrook Academy... and over the next year, many more students go missing.

Unfortunately, you'll never get to appreciate your addition to Sam's luscious curves. You probably would have found it unbearably sexy to know that after eating you, your friend's thighs rub together. Sam certainly finds it sexy. The mere act of walking becomes a hedonistic indulgence for her, and wherever she goes, her loins ache pleasantly at this reminder of your demise. She often masturbates to the memory of your death. If you could see her writhing and moaning naked on her bed, cumming as she recalls the sound of your skull collapsing into mush, perhaps you'd think that your death was worth it. Or maybe not. It really doesn't matter either way, since for you, this is...

The End

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