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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 94 - Save the Cheerleader! - By knt27 - Overview
Sam leans in close and presses her full lips against Hannah's. The cheerleader resists for a moment, and then melts into Sam's embrace. The blonde girl kisses your raven-haired friend passionately, moaning quietly as Sam continues to finger her. And then she lets out a little squeak of dismay as Sam's lips begin to spread across her face, your friend's jaw unhinging as she prepares to feed.

From within your fleshy prison, you manage to gurgle, “Nnnnooo... d-d-on't...... kkkkilll her.” Your muffled voice is barely audible, but your plea manages to reach Sam's ears. She pauses and then snaps her mouth shut with a click. You attempt to say more, but you've used up the last of your strength. At least you can die knowing that you did the right thing. You managed to make a difference.

“Really, dude? I mean, I was just trying to scare her... I wasn't actually planning on eating her tonight.” She twirls a lock of black hair thoughtfully, “But now... I kinda I feel like I should eat her.”

Hannah stands frozen, her eyes wide with terror. Tears roll down her cheeks as she gazes into Sam's cold blue eyes. She lets out a shallow gasp as Sam toys with her clit, but manages to speak in a quavering voice, “W-w-why?”

Sam looks utterly bewildered for a moment. “Why?” She smiles earnestly. “Because it's fun!” And with that, she lunges, her maw opening impossibly wide.

Hannah's scream is cut short as Sam engulfs her face. Sam continues molesting the cheerleader as she greedily swallows her head, her fingers relentlessly plunging in and out of her meal's pussy. Hannah sobs and whimpers as she slides into the slippery tunnel of Sam's gullet, the intense mix of pleasure and horror finally breaking her mind. She wiggles her hips desperately against Sam's hand, seeking release even as she's being devoured. Sam pulls her prey to the floor and swallows her chest with a wet SLUUURP! Your friend's tongue undulates against the cheerleader's pert breasts, tasting her firm nipples through the thin cloth that covers them. The fabric of Hannah's costume is now saturated in saliva and clings to her skin as she's drawn deeper. Sam gluttonously works her way down the cheerleader's abdomen, her fingers fluttering rapidly between her meal's thighs as she eats.

The rubbery opening into Sam's stomach dilates as Hannah's tear-streaked face is slowly squeezed into the churning darkness. A mewling cry of lust and despair escapes her lips. You try to shout and tell her that she's going to crush you, but you only manages a barely audible gurgle. With a sloppy GULP, Sam swallows Hannah's waist. The blonde girl moans as Samantha's tongue probes the lips of her pussy, and then dexterously swirls around the swollen bud of her clit. Wave after wave of pleasure shatters the cheerleader's sanity, reducing her to a raw nerve of primal need. You struggle to draw breath as the walls of Sam's stomach are stretched to their limit.

Hannah's head is forced between your legs as she slides into the claustrophobic blackness with you. Mad with lust, the cheerleader takes your half-digested cock into her mouth and begins to suck on it greedily. You gurgle in panic, but are helpless to stop her. Amazingly, your ruined penis swells and stiffens between her lips, and is soon fully erect. Hannah groans in the back of her throat, her head bobbing up and down between your legs. Her arms slide into Sam's stomach with a wet SHLORP, and she begins to fondle your balls. Your testicles dissolve into gooey lumps between her fingers, leaving nothing but a dull ache in their absence. Barely noticing, the cheerleader slides her lips to the base of your shaft, causing your cock to collapse in on itself with a horrible SQUISH! Mistakenly thinking that you've just cum, Hannah squeals with delight and swallows. The liquefied remains of your penis slide down her throat with a sickening gulp!

Samantha devours the rest of her meal quickly. Hannah is soon squeezed into the cramped and gurgling darkness, and the two of you are forced into a grotesque mockery of a sixty-nine position. The cheerleader squirms against you, rubbing her drenched sex against your lips and nose. The pleasantly musky scent of her arousal cuts through the stench of acid, and makes you acutely aware of the raw and empty space between your legs. Hannah whimpers softly as she grinds against your head. You gurgle in panic as her pussy presses painfully against your softened skull. Your thoughts grow fuzzy as the pressure intensifies. You're not sure how much longer you can take this! You're head's going to-- CRRUUNNCH! The front of your skull caves in, and everything goes black. Lost in a haze of erotic need, Hannah only rubs herself harder and faster against your corpse. The remnants of your skull hold for a second, and then--- SQUISH! The cheerleader lets out a long guttural moan as she cums.

Sam pats her belly appreciatively and lets out a raunchy belch, “BUUUUURRRRP! Oh, Han... you were delicious. I really should eat girls more often.” She wipes a bit of drool from her chin and walks back out from under the bleachers.

Steve's eyes bug out when he sees his girlfriend. “Whoa! How did that thing get bigger?

Samantha looks down at her ridiculously swollen stomach and shrugs, “It's inflatable?”

Steve doesn't look entirely convinced by her halfhearted lie, but he nods slowly nonetheless, “Huh. Okay, I guess. Hey- where's Hannah?”

Sam smiles slyly, “Probably slutting it up with some loser. Dude... did you see how she was dancing?! What a skank.” With this last word, a lewd moan of pleasure rises from her gut.

Steve glances down at his girlfriend's stomach in surprise. After a moment, he shakes his head, certain that he imagined the noise. “Yeah... uh, totally.”

Sam purses her lips and runs a finger down Steve's chest, “Anyways, you don't need to worry about her. She'll slip out the back door when she's finished.” She traces the contours of her boyfriend's six pack with her finger and cocks an eyebrow suggestively. “Wanna come back to my room?”

Steve doesn't need any convincing, “God, yes!”

Sam and Steve leave the dance hand-in-hand. As the crisp October night envelops them, Steve tries to ignore the nagging feeling that he's overlooked something important.
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