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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 74 - September - By knt27 - Overview
Since you've returned to the Faybrook Academy for the Fall Semester, Samantha has remained unusually distant. Given the number of extremely graphic texts that she sent over the summer, you expected her to immediately resume the flirtatious torment that has come to define your relationship. But instead, she's ignored you in favor of her new friends... the popular crowd. She used to wear her outsider status like a badge, delighting in moments when her open sexuality and sharp wit would make the “cool” kids squirm with discomfort. And for some reason, over the past few weeks, she seems to have embraced them completely. In fact, her new best friend is Hannah Lee, the viciously mean cheerleader that tried to blackmail you last year. Considering that Sam literally ate and digested your last clique of friends, this new development takes her betrayal to the next level. You marvel at the fact that you still care about her as a friend after everything she's done. But you can't deny your emotions.

Even after embracing a group of students that have bullied and mocked you for most of your life, she still manages to make her treachery even more stinging. A few weeks into September, it becomes obvious that she's dating Steve Wilson, the Faybrook football team's star quarterback. Steve is everything you know you'll never be. He's effortlessly charming and sports a classically square jaw, sculpted body, and stylish dark hair. A year ago you might have expected him to date the head cheerleader, but now... Sam seems to have channeled her new-found powers into a sort of raw sexual charisma. Even with her exceptionally curvaceous form, heads snap and jaws hang open wherever she walks.

You're well aware of how pathetic your jealousy makes you, particularly considering Sam's promises of a grisly death in her belly, but you still find yourself gritting your teeth at the thought of her new romance. You've always been envious of Sam's sexual flings, but the singular predatory focus that she's given you over the past six months has left you yearning for her attention like never before. Given her recent history with boys, you're surprised that she hasn't already turned Steve into a steaming mound of shit. It's a dark thought, but some part of you wishes that she would. Then again, perhaps her appetite for men has finally been sated. It's a thin hope, but one that might mean your survival.
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