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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 1370 - Sleep off your meal - By Deathwing1211 - Overview
“What a shame. I was hoping you’d last longer.” You smirked and gave your swollen gut a good smack. It only groans in response. You stretch your arms out and yawn. “Welp, time to digest you.” The halls were silent aside from the groans heard from your gut. You slowly make your way to your assignment room.

Getting up the stairs was a huge pain but it sped up the digestion process. You finally reached your room. The door was already opened. You immediately went for your bed and plopped down on the mattress without bothering to change out of your clothes. You can hear the metal squeak as your body hits the mattress but it manages to support your weight. You fall asleep in a matter of minutes with a hand on your stomach and a smirk plastered on your face. The groans grew louder as you digested her in your sleep.
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