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World of Vorecraft - Page 718 - Onward! - By Racklin1899 - Overview
Your target is Saela Moonseeker. Curiously, she's a night elf too, a druid, currently believed to be in Ashenvale with a small party.

Though it takes longer you decide to travel on foot, as the report believed she would be there for some time. A few days after leaving Orgrimmar you stop walking on the roads, instead shadowing them at a distance as you get closer to your target, not wanting to chance being seen. The journey is completely uneventful. A few adventuring parties of either side pass by occasionally but you alone for almost the entirety of your mission, which you preferred. Others tended to slow you down and the new team you were part of seems as though it will disappoint you like all the other groups you joined. If it becomes unbearable you'll just sneak away. It wouldn't be the first time. You eventually cross the border into Ashenvale. You had been here before to prey on the locals several times and knew the region fairly well. It only takes a day of careful scouting and observation to locate your quarry and her companions.

There are three of them in total when you find them, chatting freely as they wander down one of the many shadowed roads of the vale. Saela the elf, wearing altogether very little, is in the lead. Behind her is a muscle-bound human woman with a massive sword on her back. Her behavior is odd, however. Her eyes dart rapidly from tree to tree, head raised slightly as if she suspects something. Normally you're stealthy enough to avoid detection by humans until it's too late for them, but this one appears to be alert to something. It almost looks like she's trying to sniff something out among the darkened trees as she talks with her comrades, but there's no way it could be you. The final woman is a draenei, a young woman who you would guess has just begun adventuring. By her attire you guess that she is a priest, clad in basic robes with a standard mace dangling from her waist.

The group doesn't seem to be stopping soon, and lingering in Ashenvale isn't wise for members of the Horde who don't want to be digested. You'll have to attack them sooner instead of later, but where to begin? You could start with Saela, your target. Once you manage to eat her you don't really need to devour the other two, though if they pursue evading them could be difficult with a full belly. The human with the uncanny senses makes you uneasy, and taking out the physically strongest member first will make the other two easy targets. However if something goes wrong fighting either of them then the draenei could easily heal them and once the element of surprise wore off you would be easy prey for the reinvigorated warrior and druid, so perhaps eliminating their support first be the wisest course of action.

You better think carefully, and move swiftly. The human may be about to notice you.
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