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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 2571 - An icy prison - By Drake_451 - Overview
You turn back to see his open maw. He quickly presses you down and starts to engulf your tail and hind paws first, taking deep heavy gulps. You see his neck bulge as your lower half starts to descend, giving you a look at where you're going. It happens so fast. Soon you're losing sight of your former home as he's closing his maw around your head. 'This is it.' You think to yourself, now completely inside the ice type. You feel his head raise up and then a final swallow from him. You slide down and curl up in what has to be his stomach. You then feel both of his paws pressing around you as he too sits up to rub his belly. Soon they all leave your den and go their separate ways, each taking their prey along for the ride. You feel your host moving and know your time is limited. If you don't do something soon you're going to get digested by this Glaceon. He's walking away somewhere while you sway underneath him, with no way of knowing to where. Afraid, you frantically try to come up with a plan.
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