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Tropical Getaway - Page 29 - What's the use? - By GhostWriter - Overview
There's no getting out of this one, you conclude morbidly. You can't help but kick your legs as you express your fright and discomfort, but soon the movement feels obligatory. What are you going to do, grab a branch with your toes and pull yourself free? It's over.

Your legs now kick almost leisurely as if you were lying on your bed finishing homework. The croc seems to want to wait for you to stop moving, to give up before it finishes you off.

"Oh, is that what you want?" you say bitterly, your words choking uselessly within the stomach. "You want me to hold still?"

The creature isn't so patient. It's teeth press lightly into your skin, sending a clear message. "Ow!" you say, flexing and curling your feet. "Easy, no need for that! I'll come quietly." You straighten your legs and point your toes. The croc reels you in with its tongue against your taint, and your legs superman glide the rest of the way into the mouth.

The tongue lingers on your feet, dousing them with saliva and relishing the flavor. "Hey! No tickling!" you say, trying to stifle involuntary giggles. You try to pull your legs the rest of the way down the throat to escape the attack on your soles, but the croc has you where it wants you and doesn't let up until you're practically in tears from the giggling. When its coarse tongue has finally had its fill, it shoves your feet down the hatch and the jaws snap closed.

"Ugh, you are the worst thing that could've eaten me!" you shout as your feet finally join you in the stomach, allowing you to curl up. You're quite unaware of the various inhabitants of the jungle and their voracious appetites, so do count yourself nevertheless lucky to not actually have met the worst thing that could've eaten you.

Leisurely Lunched
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