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Tropical Getaway - Page 26 - It gobbles you feet-first - By GhostWriter - Overview
It catches both your feet in its mouth and clamps down, halting your escape. "Heelp! Aaaaugh!" Your legs are pinned, so you flail your arms instead, managing to roll over onto your stomach so you can claw at branches, roots, anything to hold onto while you scream for assistance. Even as its mouth chomps higher and higher up your legs, you don't give up hope that someone will hear your pleas.

Soon, you feel its stomach lining against your toes and its teeth against your buttocks. It's not biting hard enough to tear flesh, but hard enough to make you feel like a plump, juicy snack. It holds you there for a moment, licking your taint and feeling your legs wiggle helplessly against its throat. You keep screaming, although you find yourself trying not to moan.

The fun doesn't last, though, and soon the creature decides to claim more territory. Your swimsuit tank-top catches on the creatures teeth as you plunge further into its mouth. "No, that was mine!" you wail as the top tears and peels off your breasts. You watch dejectedly as the creature's tongue discards the ripped garment and returns to the task at hand. You feel its rough, slimy surface glide across your bare nipples, and once again your first instinct when opening your mouth is to make a sound more pleasurable than the usual screaming.

After a load moan, you crane your neck to see Corey and Vasudha standing a few steps away. They are petrified with horror at the scene before them. You blush, but your mind also snaps back to reality. You're being eaten! Watching them stand helplessly, you feel resentment bubbling. "Vasu, Corey! Where were you guys?!"

"Oh my god..." Vasudha, shaking, covers her face.

"Chel!" Corey yells, reaching out but too terrified to draw near.

"Oh, never mind!" you say, scowling as the croc pulls your head inside. Its jaw raises, mashing your face against its tongue. Your arms, dangling outside the mouth, are all that's left to devour. You flip two birdies, one for each of your friends, holding them stiff until the jaws snap shut around your hands.

Curled up in the beast's stomach, you are filled with regret. You regret buying the stupid swimsuit and flip-flops, coming to the stupid island, and looking for the stupid private beach. You regret your last act on earth being angry at your friends. They came for your screams, after all. What were they supposed to do, get eaten too?

But there's no room in this beast for two preys, so you sit helplessly as it saunters away satisfied.

You catch yourself wishing it hadn't been over with so quickly.

Fondled in Front of Friends
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