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Tropical Getaway - Page 1 - Tropical Getaway - By GhostWriter - Overview
[Note: the choices will warn about sensitive content. Don't click on a choice if you don't like where it's going. Comments or suggestions? Discussion page:]

You rummage through your suitcase, throwing loose bras and panties onto the floor. Annoyed, you pause to look at the view across from the bed. Sunny, sandy beach stretches all along the right side of window with crystal blue water lapping at its edge. The other half is covered with lush, green jungle that truly lends an exotic air to their vacation.

"C'mon, Chel, it's just a short hike!" Vasudha emerges from the bathroom in her open-belly one-piece and short-shorts. She's wearing her new beach sandals, with thin sparkling strips that delicately hug her feet. You stare enviously at the sandals and then down at your own footwear: a bright pink sock on one foot and the other bare.

"Look, I don't want to ruin my new flip flops!" You return to your search for the other pink sock, but you hit the bottom of the suitcase.

"Heyo, you two ready?" Corey pops into the room. He's shirtless and toned with wavy hair and a killer smile. His bright colored swim trunks barely reach mid-thigh, leaving plenty of leg to look at. Your heart skips when you see him but you're too frustrated right now to show it.

"Yeesh, knock next time," says Vasdha, turning away and glaring. "Chel can't find her other sock."

"What? Wear your flip-flops, it's a short hike."

"That's what I said!"

You sigh. You don't want to hold them up any longer, and your tank-top bikini will certainly looker cuter with flip-flops than running shoes. But to hike in them?
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