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The big 1-9 - Page 5 - Head out to the hallway - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
You got dressed for the day and headed out into the main hall.
You see the doors to all of the other rooms.
You share this house with four others, your family.

Mother & Father: Share a room together of course. They've always have been very loving towards you and your two other siblings. Your mother has green eyes and long black hair that reaches half of her back and sometimes over her triple D breasts. Your father has short dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Emily's room: Your older sister. Your used to her teasing you in all manner of ways. Though recently the teasing has been a bit more 'suggestive' to say the least. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes, and double D size breasts.

Alex's room: Your younger sister. She has been very cheery ever since her eighteenth birthday. She has always been a delight to be around. She has shoulder length light brown hair with blue eyes and D size breasts.

Kitchen: You can make yourself some food.

Bathroom: Do your business and clean yourself.

Living room: The most chill place in the house, usually where your father is at. Dog: Fido is the name and thankfully he doesn't bitto. I apologize for the bad pun and rhyme but that's the best I can say about him other then he's a good boy. He's usually in the living room.

Cat: Patricia is the name of the cat. Even though cats have a bad reputation, this one is an angel compared to everyone else. She'll often come up and rub on everyone's legs, even guests that are complete strangers to her. She's a good kitty. She's usually in the living room as well.

Where would you like to go?
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