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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 203 - A Sinking Feeling - By Megaladong - Overview
You look back on your hunters. You need to keep tabs on them to make sure you don’t become their lunch. You were right; another vulpix was waiting for you. They have now come out from the brush to the right. The other three have just entered the clearing still running at full speed, but you are much faster. A small smile spreads across your face. “Not today vulpix,” you think to yourself.

You turn around to keep running. “Pi?” Your front paw reaches down to push off the ground but there is no ground in which to push off. Before you now is a birds-eye view of the southern forest. Rolling green hills stretch as far as the eye can see and to your left is a roaring waterfall. Uh-oh, when you turned around to look at the vulpix, you failed to notice the clearing was not a clearing at all but a cliff over two hundred feet tall.

With your front paws already off the cliff and your forward momentum carrying you against your will, there is nothing you can do to stop what comes next. Your body tumbles off the high cliff, flinging you in the air. “PIKAAAAAAAAAAAA,” you scream as your heart sinks along with your body. The ground below rushes up to greet you. The base of the cliff, covered in sharp, jagged rocks, provides no hope of a safe landing. You don’t even have time to process what exactly happened when a large brown bolder dominates your field of vision. *SPLAT*


“PIKAAAaaaaaaaaa” *splat*

“Gods dammit!” Maz shouts. The four vulpix run to the edge of the cliff and look down. Far below is a yellow dot lying motionless on a boulder with a sea of red pooling around it.

“Run her to the cliff, Maz said. We’ll box her in there, he said.” Roxy says, her smokey voice dripping with sarcasm.

Maz mostly ignores the old vixen, “by Entei. Fucking dumb bitch. Pikachu are typically smarter than that. Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!” Maz leaves the cliffside and paces to think and calm himself.

“Can’t we just go down there?” Asks Zoya.

Maz sighs and says, “no… it would take two hours to get down there. Something would scavenge her before that. Even if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to get her back to the breeding grounds before dark. Not worth the time.”

“Well, what are we going to do? I’m sore as fuck from her shock and the kits are still hungry.” Says Roxy.

Maz says, “I know of a cheri berry bush nearby. That will make us feel better. None of us got shocked twice so we should be feeling normal by tomorrow morning. So we’ll stop there first. Then we’ll smoke that rattata nest out. I was thinking about saving that to train our kits but we need easy meat tonight. Alright?” They all nod their head except Roxy.

“You’ve got something to say, Roxy?”

“No, just like to see you fail.”

“Shut up, bitch. We all go hungry if I do. You think you would be a better leader?”

“I’m not challenging you. It’s just nice to see things not go your way. Maz the respectable, great six-tailed: Always getting the best kills, the tightest pussy. But here he is, fucking up a simple hunt. Maybe he’s not so great after all.”

“Whatever, you old cooter. Do you think I have never envied you?” He turns his attention to the young three-tailed and speaks to them, “This worn-out cunt may not seem it, but she was once, long ago, the hottest young thing at the rut. Every tod and his dick would have loved to knot that plump spade. Now look at it; one too many have. Back then I had the biggest crush on her. But she wouldn’t give me the time of day because I wasn’t strong enough. Instead, she got to fuck a younger six-tailed Tavein. Now SHE’S upset I won’t give her the time of day.” He turns back to Roxy, “Isn’t that right? Is that what this is about? You wanna gloat because I won’t be your mate? Well, fuck you. I earned my hot mates with skill and knowledge. You won your hot mates with youth and your body. And now that the years have taken those away, you’re bitter at me? Maybe you should have fucked me when we had three tails. Otherwise, realize time has passed you by while it made me the tod I am. Don’t blame me, blame the gods.”

“Ohh-I must have hit a sensitive spot.” Roxy keeps her cool. “You done? We got kits to feed.”

“Fine, I’ve said my peace. Let’s get out of here. I don’t wanna think about this stupid pikachu anymore; it brings me bad energy.”

Maz and Zoya trot off north. Dex glances down the cliff once more. The pikachu’s body is still lying there untouched. A few buizel playing at the base of the waterfall have noticed and are making their way over to the corpse; they’ll get a free dinner on the vulpix. Dex licks his chops. Shame he won’t get to eat her. He has never had pikachu before but hopefully one day he will; he heard they taste amazing.

Dex turns around. Roxy is standing there with her back turned to Dex. Her head is low, she is quietly sobbing, and tears fall from her face to the ground. Dex approaches slowly from her side. “Roxy? Are you okay?”

Roxy quickly snaps her head up. Her face is stoic but her tear-filled eyes betray her true feelings. “I’m fine. Let’s go.” She dashes off like nothing happened. Dex follows suit, leaving the cliffside empty.


Thus, ending your story. You foolishly ran over a cliff and plummeted to your death. A few buizel found your pre-tenderized body and ripped you to shreds for free food. Even though your hunters did not eat you, your meat did not go to waste. You are forgotten by the tribe as just another member lost to the foreboding wilderness and the vulpix mostly just because they wish to forget failing to eat you. The buizel, however, do remember you as a fallen gift from the heavens. Most buizel never eat pikachu their entire life so your delicious body was a real treat to the lucky otters. You leave no legacy. But hey, at least falling to your death is better than being ripped to shreds!
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